Shaanxi Bureau of statistics held on the opening day, Zhang Xiaoguang, director of an exclusive inte-popkart

Shaanxi statistics bureau director Zhang Xiaoguang held the opening day interview events [] statistics Shaanxi open day interactive quiz activities have a chance to win the prize in agricultural census service to catch up beyond the Provincial Bureau of statistics — Interview with Party Secretary Xiao Guang in September 20th is the seventh "Chinese statistics open day, this Open Day theme is" agriculture a blessing to the farm census". To this end, the Shaanxi Daily reporter interviewed on the issue of agricultural census of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Party Secretary Xiao Guang. Reporter: the census will be the province of agriculture, rural development and change a comprehensive understanding of it? Zhang Xiaoguang: the agricultural census is a major national survey, a comprehensive understanding of the "three rural" basic situation, accurately grasp the development of "three agriculture" changes the most important statistical investigation method, plays an important role in the party and the government in the guidance of scientific development in agriculture and rural areas. The State Council attaches great importance to the national census of agriculture, decided to carry out once every 10 years, and in August 2006 promulgated the "national agricultural census Ordinance", will be incorporated into the legal system of agricultural census. 1996 and in 2006, China has carried out the two national agricultural census, basically find out the basic situation of agriculture, rural areas, farmers. Accordingly, the Party Central Committee and the State Council issued a series of strong agricultural kulak policy, the formation of a new era of "three rural" work guidelines and policy system, to promote the efficiency of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. This year is the start of the third national agricultural census. According to the third national agricultural census leading group of the State Council to deploy, the census started in 2016, in 2017 the data, the development and application of census data in 2018. Complete the census of agriculture of high quality, to ensure the timely realization of a comprehensive well-off society, to promote the sustainable development of agriculture, rural areas, farmers continued to increase quality and efficiency, accelerate agricultural supply side structural reform plays a very important role. Reporter: data obtained from the census of agriculture, the province will upgrade, to achieve catch-up beyond what is the significance? Zhang Xiaoguang: the party clearly in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, in 2020 to build the well-off society and realize the goal of the first hundred years of our party. To achieve this goal, the main short board in agriculture, in rural areas, in the farmers, the most difficult task in agriculture, in rural areas, farmers. At present, the development of agriculture in our province in rural areas is at an important stage of transformation and upgrading of agricultural development, the external environment and conditions, the layout of rural population, rural social structure relations, farmers’ employment income farmers’ consumption structure, ideology and behavior and so on, have changed greatly and deeply, emerge in an endless stream of new situation and new changes new problems in rural development, new industries, new formats, new mode of agricultural development in the urgent need to accelerate the emergence of authoritative, reliable and comprehensive data to reflect. The province’s agricultural census involving 7 million 50 thousand agricultural households, the village (neighborhood), the Commission, the 1300 villages and towns, the town of 25 thousand. Through the census, is conducive to accurately grasp the basic situation of the province’s agricultural practitioners, agricultural land use and circulation, agricultural production and structural conditions, etc.相关的主题文章:

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