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Shenyang heating costs after the Ming made a lot of people stop to do this year, the company to stop for the heat of the user more than a few thousand before." Yesterday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter in a number of heating companies interview that this year due to heating costs by "subsidies to clear up, many heating fee reimbursement heat users chose to stop for. Heating company stop business surge "please do stop for." Yesterday, in the eastern part of the dawn of Shenyang Real Estate Industrial Co., Ltd. charge hall, the user said the charge of the hot water users. Toll staff told reporters that this is the 3823rd year she accepted the handling of hot business for business. Shenyang Dawn Real Estate Industry Co., Ltd. 2016 – 2017 of the year is the heat of the user, for the user to stop for the supply of 3823 households in. In contrast, last year, they are 25789 users of hot water, stop for the number of households for 2593. The company official said, choose to stop for the user’s rights. But if the shutdown for too many, the impact of heating enterprises is very large. In order to ensure that the temperature of the room temperature standards, heating enterprises must further improve the heating parameters (temperature and flow), the result is an increase in heating costs. High-rise residential and new area for the multi reporter learned that almost all of the heating companies this year there has been a surge in the number of stops for. Shenyang Huitianredian stopped for more than 13000 households for, and last year is about 10000 people; third of the heat this year there are 3500 families for stop, only 2000 households last year. HUAFA heat, heat, Taipei, Shengtai Hunnan thermal heating for heat with the average stop for more than the previous year 10% – 30%. A heating company executives said that the more high-rise residential and New District, the more the stop for. Geothermal users, for example, if the neighbor heating, its own stop for the indoor temperature is not low. "Liaoning city heating regulations" provisions of article twenty-fourth, "the Municipal People’s government according to the actual situation, may decide to suspend the heating of the heating area of the heat charge users for pay fifteen percent of the total, but Shenyang is not expressly designated for operation and related documents based fege standard facilities. Coal prices caused by the increase in the cost of heating enterprises experienced last year after the coal price, coal prices rose this year. At the beginning of 400 yuan to buy coal, now have to be $600 – $550, and the cost of shipping is also up." A heating business executives said. Another person in charge of heating enterprises also said that this year, according to the quality of coal prices vary, the magnitude is not the same, probably around 20%. This year, a significant increase in parking, coupled with the increasing cost of environmental protection, the cost of heating enterprises greater pressure."相关的主题文章:

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