Shenzhen Bowmaster 15 points at the Liaoning men’s basketball team paratelum remember him (video)

Shenzhen Bowmaster 15 points at the Liaoning men’s basketball team paratelum remember he had full field play well [collection] Liaoning 113-109 Shenzhen GuoShao miss Liaoning 22+16 sports news November 9th Korean Tencent reversed Shenzhen ‘s home court, lost to 109-113 Liaoning team, despite losing the game, but Gu Quan’s performance is very good. Match the former national champion grabbed 31 points and 5 rebounds, including paratelum soared in 4 recorded long shots, scored 15 points of personal performance, the Liaoning team broke out in a cold sweat. With a single 37 points, the Liaoning team to catch up, and successfully counter ultra score. And to the distal, the Liaoning team has always pressed the score. There are less than 5 minutes left, the gap is about 4 minutes, said much, said a lot less. In the audience eager "Shenzhen gas" sound, a knife, Pargo up against a defensive pass, had left 45° angle; hands, draw a curve ball after the hollow into the box, hit! The score was closer to 101-102, but clean with basket storm reverse layup, Hodson again in a record three points. Seeing the two points difference re opened again, had cast hit the stunt, this time he shot in front of the ball, firmly continue to hit. This number to Liaoning played a blacked out, after all, had at the beginning of this section, we have been bombarded with hit three points. Count the empty cut after the layup, single-handed is the lone ranger. Obviously, the Liaoning team must send troops siege, followed by the game, but for the ball, on the defensive player is as the shadow follows the form. However, consideration has been An important juncture of life and death, a mobile phone will. The bottom line of the ball, in the face of swoop for Liaoning team player, feint, neutral way after the shot, once hit will be tying. However, fans in the audience screams, the life-saving three ball knock out box. Pulled the team again and again, it is impossible to pull the Shenzhen team again. But if the review of the game, their performance is still quite bright. The game he hit 11 of 20 shots and scored 31 points, this is not only the highest score of the season he the person, also is the game, Gu this season averaging 20 points and 4.2 rebounds. It is worth mentioning that this season, his three point shooting remains at a high level. In fact, in the past three seasons, averaging three points for the ball hit rate has remained at 4, so far this season, he voted 11 in the outwire 26, is still a 42.3% hit rate. It is worth mentioning that emerged was a member of the men’s basketball team, also played in Inchon two years ago but in the Asian Games, Asian Games, saving because playing time is limited, and not too conspicuous, the passage of time, today still retains the longing for. In fact, in addition to three points have been projected, had strengthened the sense of his weakness. "Now any CBA team knows I can score three points on the outside, so there are some special arrangements for my defense, the opportunity to get a vacancy is also reduced. Therefore, from the beginning of last season, I will increase the breakthrough, and strive to make their own more comprehensive." In an interview, Gu相关的主题文章:

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