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Fashion-Style Raymond Weil is a Swiss watch .pany that was founded in the year 1976 in Switzerland. Here in this article we will learn about the key dates or historical achievements of Raymond Weil watches. Let us start with the year 1976. This year is marked in the history of Raymond Weil because the founder of the .pany Mr. Raymond Weil launched the brand during this time. His main motto at that time was to manufacture watches that have novel concept and unique design. Savoir-Faire, Independence, Creativity and Aesthetics were the founding values of the brand. After the brand was launched and started gaining popularity. The .pany thought of expanding its business and increasing its .petitiveness without losing the family identity. It was during this time in 1982 that Olivier Bernheim, son-in-law of the founder joined the family business. He modernized the structure and the organization, developed several markets and took in charge the marketing and .munication departments. His appearance reinforced the proposal of an independent family-owned business dear to Raymond Weil. The .panys marketing and .munication techniques started to have a great influence in the cultural scenario because of the launch of Raymond Weil watches Amadeus collection, which was named after Mozart, the Austrian .poser. The collection was also launched at the same time when the world popular movie of the same name (Milos Formans film) got released in 1983. In the year 1986, the brand celebrated its tenth anniversary by launching a new collection of watches under the name Othello. The timepieces of this collection were a .bination of sophisticated design and avant-garde technology. After two years in 1988 the .pany came up with Traviata watches. These timepieces were bold and tastefully designed. Parsifal collection was launched in 1990. The watches in this series were subtle and made of noble materials. The series is popular even now and features innovative designs and meticulous finishes. Tango collection is also very popular among both men and women when it .es to Raymond Weil watches. This collection was introduced in the market in 1995. However, there are many other achievements of this .pany. From the year 2000 till present the .pany has been launching and introducing a series of watches in its collections like Noemia, Maestro and Freelancer. In 2006 the .pany launched the Shine collection for ladies and .pleted thirty successful years in watch making. In the same year Mr.Weils grandsons Pierre and Elie Bernheim joined the .pany. There are many shops that sell Raymond Weil watches. So, just browse the Internet and find an online shop from where you can get an original piece of this brand. You will surely .e across many authentic dealers of Raymond Weil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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