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College-University The domain of management is in.plete without understanding the importance and implications of Supply Chain Management. In fact, if you are pursuing the globally reputed programs like MBA in International Business, the understanding of supply chain management is even more crucial. When you are pursuing the programs at top level B schools like SIIB, the importance is even higher. After all, it is impossible to understand the realms of international business until you realize the .plete potential of a good supply chain management. Symbiosis Institutes like SIIB have emerged as a name synonymous with innovative education techniques. However, this innovation is not restricted to implementing latest methodologies to ensure that students study better. At SIIB, the approach is more holistic and multifaceted. Apart from academic infrastructure that defines the MBA in International Business or the MBA in Agribusiness in SIIB, the institution actively organizes industry interface programs. What are these industry interface programs? Isnt it over once you do the internships or live projects? If you have similar notions, this is your wake up call. The industry interface goes far beyond these usually perceived concepts. The recent series on Supply Chain management hosted by SIIB is clearly a display of this exemplary realm of industry interface wherein the students of the MBA in Symbiosis are given a chance to broaden their horizons of learning and pick up pearls of wisdom from industry experts. While SIIB has time and again enforced the importance of supply chain management in its regular curriculum, Aarohan is a series dedicated to learning the larger aspects in real time situations outside the usual classroom environment. This years edition of Aarohan the dawn of a new era in supply chain management that is far more globalized and streamlined as opposed to the previously given tenets by managers. From discussing current trends to future insights, the experts at Aarohan 2013 brought in a .pletely new view regarding the road ahead for supply chain management. The grand event was kick started by a panel discussion that came across as an eye opener for students wanting to get a glimpse of the real time corporate scenario and progress. The panelists included stalwarts from the industry who had been there and were doing that. Taking it a notch above the usual management lessons that are a norm as part of the MBA in Symbiosis, the panelist shared real time experiences and a lot of industry trivia that the students thoroughly enjoyed listening to. The later part of the event was focused on a workshop that had experts talk to the students about the proactive steps that they could take to aim for a better career. In line with the legacy of the Symbiosis Institutes, the workshop built an enthusiasm amongst students to think clearly and in a more .anized fashion so that they are able to take reliable career decisions. All in all, a fun filled occurrence at SIIB, Aarohan 2013 came across as the perfect blend of multiple approaches to enlighten the students on the aspects of supply chain management and its future trends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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