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Jewelry-Diamonds Lets face it, appearance means a lot this day and age. Hollywood spits out weekly reminders that we are what we wear and what we wear must by expensive for it to be worth anything. Women in cities across the nation search high and low to find popular styles, designs and hot looks. Sterling silver jewelry is making huge comeback in both Hollywood and Main St. due to its glamorous look, timeless fashion and its ability to be used in a wide variety of styles. Staying up with the current trends can be a daunting task but with our hot list of tips we are sure you have a tight grasp on the new trends before your friends are even aware. Gold Jewelry has long been an extremely popular metal used in fashion, but due to its sharp increase cost, it has slightly fallen in popularity. Walk into jewelry store in the mall and you are sure to see an equal amount of silver versus gold these days. Additionally the traditional womens gold wedding ring has been losing ground to silver wedding ring sets or the also expensive platinum metal. Smart investors are now buying the discounted silver because of its excellent historical value. Many investors on Wall Street are saying this could be the next upward market trend. Not only are you getting your hands on jewelry that you can wear, but you are creating another source of investment and thats a great thing. Silver necklaces have become the way to duplicate celebrity trends. If you look through any celebrity magazine you can see your favorite stars wearing amazing designs on the red carpet. Its an understood fact that some of those designs seen in the celebrity magazines are so expensive that the celebrities themselves dont even own the jewelry, but receive them on loan from the most expensive retailers. Through a simple search you can find several companies that offer the celebrity inspired necklaces at a fraction of the cost finally making it affordable to have the styles of Hollywood celebrities Celebritys engagement rings are also very popular in the jewelry trends of the season and for good reason. Some of these rings incorporate up to 5 carats and the bling factor is out of this world. Sterling silver rings also tend to be one of the most seen celebrity styles right now and celebs are frequently see wearing their own designs as well as many of the nationss most well known designers. Its easy to join the ranks by getting your own silver ring to wear to your next cocktail party or bar hopping night. We are sure that you not only steal the style of your favorite celebrity, but you will gain a few compliments in the mean time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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