Students driving India 3000 leaflets to find love at first sight goddess (video) tda7294

Students driving India 3000 leaflets to find love at first sight "goddess" yesterday afternoon, Sichuan University Jincheng college sophomore, Junior has started the normal school. In the school canteen, wearing jeans Xiaogang (a pseudonym) holding leaflets, non-stop to past female students. And he was accompanied by 3 boys – are just entering a university graduate in Pixian this year. Around 10 in the morning, a pedestrian came from Pixian in batches, black shoulder bag with more than 1 thousand "love" leaflets. It all started in summer a year ago. The summer of 2015, a chance encounter in Mianyang encounter Fujiang three driving test subjects three, Sichuan University Jinjiang college graduates Xiao Gang never forget that she". After a brief exchange, I know, she is a student at the Sichuan University, Jincheng college. When two people are in the same coach car has the exam, Xiao Gang first to feel the heart, "the feeling is the same kind of people!" Hurry, the two sides did not leave contact information and personal information. Even in the past year, I could never forget, "a year, whether it is hard for the idle, or have a stable life, whenever I think of the above, only the deep regret." Inform the students around in Xiaogang, students find the advertising company printed 3000 copies of leaflets. Yesterday, Xiao Gang finally step out bravely, a pedestrian carrying more than 1 thousand leaflets at the Sichuan University beginning around Jincheng college issued, hoping to find that her "". From morning to afternoon, Xiaogang afraid to miss a call, "pick up will be very nervous!" With the result, Xiao Gang have been prepared, "in fact, it is not very important, it is a knot." Reporter Yan Xue photography intern Qin Day Note: video only extended reading. The girl on the high iron guy at first sight micro-blog search相关的主题文章:

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