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Sudden severe pancreatitis is gallstones trouble national holiday man even eat 4 crabs, 40 year old Mr. Cai from overeating sudden severe acute pancreatitis, check the original is half a cup of sand like gall stone to blame. Mr. Cai lived in Hankou after lake, the usual life without regularity, long term not too early, two years ago after a meal induced acute pancreatitis. The National Day holiday, Mr. Cai could not resist the temptation to go out every delicacy, large meat eating and drinking, all inside her income. Noon the day before yesterday, Mr. Cai invited several friends to come home to eat crabs, he ate 4 people alone, but also drank a lot of red wine. Shortly after eating, Cai felt persistent pain in the left abdomen, immediately aware of pancreatitis again, was sent to the city hospital after friends of the lake district. After examination, Mr. Cai is really severe acute pancreatitis. Liao Yusheng, deputy chief physician of digestive medicine, suspected the obstruction of biliary tract, and confirmed the stones in common bile duct by magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography. Subsequently, Liao Yusheng carried out emergency ERCP for CAI, and removed half a cup of sand like stones. The Department Director Wu Jie said that many people think it does not matter as long as the gallstones do not attack, but small stones will get into trouble; when biliary stones appear, easy to cause the pancreatic juice back, leading to acute pancreatitis, pancreatitis and many complications, high mortality rate, known as the "Department of Gastroenterology of myocardial infarction".

男子连吃4只螃蟹突发重度胰腺炎 原是胆结石惹祸国庆假期,40岁的蔡先生因暴饮暴食突发急性重症胰腺炎,一查原来是半杯泥沙状胆结石惹的祸。蔡先生家住汉口后湖,平时生活没有规律,长期不过早,两年前一次饱餐后诱发了急性胰腺炎。这次国庆节长假,蔡先生经不住美食的诱惑,每天在外面大吃大喝,大油大荤统统收入腹中。前日中午,蔡先生请几位好友来家吃螃蟹,他一人就吃了4只,还喝了不少红酒。吃完后不久,蔡先生就感到左腹持续胀痛,马上意识到胰腺炎又发作了,被朋友送到了市中心医院后湖院区。经检查,蔡先生果然是急性重症胰腺炎。消化内科副主任医师廖宇圣高度怀疑其胆道阻塞,经磁共振胰胆管成像确诊胆总管有结石。随后,廖宇圣为蔡先生实施了急诊逆行胰胆管造影下取结石,便取出了半杯泥沙状结石。该科主任吴杰说,许多人觉得只要胆结石不发作就不要紧,殊不知小结石会惹出大麻烦;当胆道系统出现结石时,容易引起胰液倒流,导致急性胰腺炎发生,而胰腺炎的合并症多,致死率很高,被称作消化内科的“心肌梗塞”。相关的主题文章:

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