Suzhou 3 suspects were arrested for stealing down 89 tons of toxic waste water splitit

Suzhou 3 suspects were arrested for stealing down 89 tons of toxic and hazardous waste dumping of toxic and harmful industrial wastewater, caused a great threat to the health of nearby residents, the damage to the environment. Reporter 21, from Suzhou City People’s Procuratorate was informed that the hospital recently suspected of polluting the environment for the approval of the arrest of the man of 3 men on. In August 11th this year, Xiangcheng District yuan and street side road gas station on the eastern side of the permanent manhole by dumping a large number of unknown liquid, scene pungent odor, enduring. By the Xiangcheng District environmental monitoring station, the content of nickel in the liquid was 16.4mg / L, which was 16 times higher than the national emission standard. In August 16th, the Xiangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau will contact the relevant company in manhole wastewater removal is completed, a total of 89.32 tons of wastewater disposal. Suzhou environmental protection departments will transfer the case to the public security organs, the police immediately launched an investigation, has arrested the suspect a, Zhou, Huang et al, after the suspect Wu gave himself. With a few people to court, sources of hazardous waste. 2014 onwards, Wu rented a factory in Changzhou engaged in the processing of stainless steel mold, and found no relevant qualifications Huang to help them deal with waste water. From June to August this year, Huang has four times a rented truck to Wu’s plant collection of industrial wastewater, industrial wastewater will instigate a pull to Suzhou, and contact the pumping truck driver Zhou waste truck pulled and discharged into the manhole. Xiangcheng District City, Suzhou people’s Procuratorate recently suspected of polluting the environment, Hwang, paragraph, Zhou 3 men approved the arrest.相关的主题文章:

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