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Business In India and many other countries, tea is one of the essential beverages. The most proficient effect of tea consumption is the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Tea plays a vital role in providing immunity against intestinal disorders. It also helps in normalizing blood pressure, prevention from the coronary heart disease and it also reduce blood glucose activities. Tea processing by mechanical devices was first started in China. It is a very fine process in which the leaves from the tea plant, Camelia Sinensis are distorted into dried leaves for brewing tea. This process undergoes few steps to give the tea- lovers a perfect aroma. First the tea leaves are plucked which is done twice a year. This is done by hand picking and or some machines are also used for it. Next step is withering, where excess water is removed from the leaves. Then to quicken oxidation, the leaves may be bruised by shaking and tossing. Further more, oxidization or fermentation is done where the leaves are kept in a temperature set room where they turn darker. Different machines are manufactured to do the job easily. To make the ongoing process simple, many machines are produced by some of the leading industries. There are a variety of machines available in the market. For rolling, balanced green leaf sifter, rot vanes, and Ultima- CTC machines are produced. For the withering part, axial flow fans, centrifugal fans and many more other equipments are manufactured. Axial Flow fans are used for withering troughs for exhaust. This are made of aluminum and have around six blades. These are specially designed with wide blades to ensure smooth and streamlines airflow. The casing is made of heavy gauge drums with drilled flange at both the ends. This machine plays an important role in the withering process. Centrifugal fans are e quipment used for ventilation , fume, exhaust, forced draft, combustion air, etc. In the processing of tea, it is best suited for discharging the hot air into the tea drying chambers so that it can get fermented. All these machines are important and play a keen role in the process of tea making. These machines are largely used by the huge industries who deal with this procedure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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