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Heres all you need to know about TechGenie PC Optimizer. This post will provide you an insight into what you can best expect of this Windows PC maintenance suite Formatting your Windows-based PC or restoring it to its factory default settings isnt the only solution to fix all performance issues that have been bothering you. Of course, if you have been neglecting them for long and now your PC simply wouldnt budge, you may have to format it completely. However, if there is still hope, this is how you can get it back to its original working form. As you are aware, PC optimization is as simple a task as it is important. This activity needs to be done on a regular basis if at all the performance, speed, and functionality of the PC and of course your productivity is to be maintained. However, most of the time either due to time restrictions or due to neglect, you may leave this important task undone and thereby invite harm. An un-optimized PC pretty much resembles a dirty room piled up with paper, clothes, throw-aways and so on. So, to keep your PC clean and clear and productive, you need to carry out certain optimization tasks. Dont worry if you havent yet started simply by installing TechGenie PC Optimizer you can take care of most PC speed worries. Heres what you need to know: TechGenie PC Optimizer is a PC tune up and maintaining suite that is available in two editions the free and the paid versions. TechGenie Free PC Optimizer is easy to install and use and offers you a range of 5 tools to scan your PC with. This includes: – PC Optimizer – Internet Optimization – Registry Cleaner – Disk Defragmentation – Security Advisor In addition to the above, TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro also allows you utilities such as the: – Duplicate File Finder – Common Problem Troubleshooter – Encryption & Decryption – Backup and Restore The tools mentioned above help you to clear PC clutter, fix common PC errors, keep the Internet connection functioning, resolve issues in the Windows registry and also provide you security advice in the form of alerts when TechGenie can sense that there is something amiss in your device. Also, TechGenie PC Optimizer lets you be yourself As in, it allows you to focus on your work while it itself takes care of all PC maintenance tasks aside enabling you to complete your work on time and enjoy complete peace. Once the maintenance task is over, you can easily backup all your sensitive files, also using TechGenie, and thereby doubly-secure all data. To be able to enjoy all these benefits and many more, all you need to do instantly is install the TechGenie PC Optimizer suite and thereafter scan you PC to identify and fix performance issues. Once the issues are resolved, your PC will start performing as if it was new! And as a quick recap, herere the advantages that you can expect to explore with TechGenie: 24×7 optimized device No tech issues to worry about Internet connection that is fast and safe Easy encryption & decryption features Simple tools to find and delete clone files Handy utilities to manage disk space and organize files and folders So, dont wait anymore. Logon on to now and check out the features of these two suites. Depending on your budget and preference, choose the one you best find suitable and install it promptly About the Author: John Rude is a die-hard foodie and loves to experiment with food. This drew her towards her other passion technology as he now loves to share her recipes and images using different technology platforms. And in the midst of this, he also loves to share with her readers the different ways to optimize and secure their PCs. In this article, he is writing about TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro software. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Software By: minervamurzyn – In this article we have discussed how anti spam software works and its benefits. By: Sudhir Singh – An effective channel manager is considered to be an important .ponent of revenue management solutions and plays a significant role in a hotels overall business strategy. It allows … By: EdaDorcey – To celebrate Valentines Day with the world, Macgo is holding Valentines Day Sale 2016 right now. 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