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The 31 day: morning will perform two rocket contract talks – Sir goebert sports Sohu Beijing time on October 31st, the new season is fierce, today morning news mainly as follows: the Rockets run Houston rockets Capet Ladekeer contract will perform Clinton – Capet and Sam – Dekker pulled the 2017-2018 season of the contract. Cappella is the twenty-fifth rookie of the year in the last two seasons, the potential to emerge big man, especially after the season left the Rockets to become the new main force of Cappella Howard. Dekker is the 15 year in the Rockets rookie rookie of the year, last season due to injury failed to play more games this season to enter the rotation of the lineup of DAntoni. Sir goebert renewed talks Utah jazz is renewed and center Rudi goebert talks, as the fourth grade students goebert have two choices, signed a contract before the November 1st deadline or finished his rookie contract last year as a free agent next year. Gobert played only 61 games last season because of injury, the game were scored 9.1 points 11 board 2.2 caps scored 9+11+2 data. Gobert is currently the best player in the league, last season he was at least eight opponents in the defense of the shots, limiting the other hit the lowest rate of 41%. In view of the huge salary space next summer, Utah to sign Gobert. Small cattle Dirk Houston will return to the Dallas Mavericks today will be away to the Houston rockets, one game for the Mavericks home court and Rockets star Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas is absent today with the game, the Rockets appear on the training ground. He said he has not fully recovered, but will be back in today’s game. "I feel good," he said, "enough to let me off the team, hoping to win a victory." Dirk scored 22 points and 8 rebounds in his first game against the Pacers in the last 38 minutes. (CHE)相关的主题文章:

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