The additional autumn tour train ride and enjoy Jilin Fenglin such as Xia coinwatch

The additional "autumn tour train ride and enjoy Jilin Fenglin Ruxia October autumn is the most beautiful season in the Kanto earth, Shenyang Railway Bureau launched the" autumn music "service, help passengers sound and enjoy the autumn, autumn autumn taste. Eleven long in Shenyang and Dalian held the "golden Chrysanthemum Exhibition", the best season in Benxi Guanmenshan, Jilin Red Valley in view of maple leaf. To this end, the Shenyang Railway Bureau specially added Shenyang to Dalian, Dandong, Jilin, Dalian and other Changchun to many times "autumn tour train". Tourists in Shenyang, Dalian morning ornamental chrysanthemum garden, Dalian taste fresh plump crab at noon, EMU train ride along the way to feel the harvest scene this afternoon arrived in Benxi, Jilin maple Lin Ruxia, cenglinjinran. Northeast national scenic spots, nature reserves. For the convenience of visitors holiday travel, the Shenyang Railway Bureau carefully designed the connection ticket, autumn autumn. Will also move tickets, tickets to the main entrance to the scenic spot to facilitate the tourists to buy tickets and online booking tickets. At the same time, CDB Shenyang first estuary Chaobai River, Jilin to Panjin, Dalian Songjiang River, Tumen and other multi trip sightseeing car, let the passenger feel in different regions of the beautiful autumn and local customs and practices. Reporter Sun Jiaoyang相关的主题文章:

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