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The aircraft fly research disclosure: improved Eagle trainer aircraft carrier on the next map: Eagle trainer of the navy has been improved a lot in detail, and the air force version of the difference map: Navy Equipment Eagle landing hook can be installed in November 16th, AVIC fly party secretary, chairman and general manager Wang Wenfei in the reception of AVIC Sanjiang chairman and general manager in the white, party secretary, deputy general manager Xiao Xuefeng and his party to visit your company research stressed: will respond positively to the national military and civilian integration strategy, will fly in the core manufacturing stronger at the same time, fly to your supply and demand as the core, with the fly take the lead in the establishment of supply chain as the center of the "flying to you". Research exchange meeting, Wang Wenfei on behalf of your flying company welcomes the company’s visit to Sanjiang and delivered a speech. At the meeting, the two sides exchanged their main business. Wang Wenfei said: you are now fully committed to fly to build the country’s premier coach base and world-class UAV base". The aircraft company in the field of development trainer has a very good foundation for domestic and abroad two aspects of demand, the company ushered in a rare opportunity for development, we will focus on the needs of users, and continuously improve product quality, meet the market demand, it is to shape the international brand. We can proudly say that at present three generations of pilots are trained by Eagle aircraft. The company has completed this year, the air force aircraft type Eagle batch production parts delivery task, being full sprint Eagle improved batch production tasks. Next year the eagle aircraft delivery plan has been scientifically formulated at the same time, the fly is also active in the construction and build a world-class UAV base, in UAV development bigger and stronger. Now fly together, forge ahead in unity, unity of thinking, put forward the "parallel, coordination, unity, lean and sharing" five development ideas, will do the development work of domestic and foreign companies to coordinate the next step. The development plan in the next year, you will firmly grasp the development of a new machine, Eagle series of aircraft platform retrofit, Eagle exports, eagle on the ship, the military UAV civilian UAV production batch production, delivery and other six major development opportunities, at every step, while maintaining stability. Fortunately, the Zhuhai airshow, noble eagle flying again brilliant debut, there have been 15 national military leaders for advice on Eagle, eagle on the performance of the aircraft showed a great interest in the domestic and foreign, we will uphold the principle of "two lines" concept of development, product modification and improvement, not only let the eagle become "superior", but also training with operational function, realize the eagle brand value maximization. At the same time, in response to the national military and civilian integration strategy, fly to the next step will be to take the lead in the establishment of fly to the center of the "fly to the supply chain association", to fly your supply and demand as the core, to provide a platform, will you fly in the core manufacturing stronger at the same time, combined with the industry, private enterprises, etc. strengthen the auxiliary production, common development baotuan. This is the way of your development. We welcome the development of aviation enterprises to join. White in the Sanjiang company chairman Wang said, listen to your company in the near future and the future development of fly exposition, I feel excited. Sanjiang, many products used in the eagle on the plane, over the years, both sides have good relations of cooperation. See you fly.相关的主题文章:

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