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The "Binnn" character poster exposure Rome, bloody revenge "Binnn" Chinese notice Tencent entertainment news in October 10th is about to "double release of the annual Hollywood epic" Binnn "(Ben-Hur) today released a new version of the first Chinese Chinese character posters and pre trailer, Prince Binnn and his wife Esther, the Jewish soul mentor Iran at the end of Yamm chiefs, and killed in love with Rome fighters, have a good brother m Sarah one appearance on the poster rough grainy with cool colors, convey the ancient Rome historical sense and the Cold War era of brutal war classic regression. As the eleven day after the first Hollywood Fenzhang, the film by Paramount film company and American MGM CO produced, making billions of dollars of reproduction of the classic story of Ben Hur and epic shocking scenes. The first Chinese Trailer brother bloody desperate flame Colosseum staged revenge today, Chinese film version of the trailer for the first time exposure, in the Hollywood gold supporting Morgan · Freeman heavy voice gradually revealed the story line: the era of ancient Rome, the Jewish Prince Judah · was arrested in Rome, Ben Hur; yoshie Sarah M officer betrayed. Forced in the sea made slaves, after numerous hardships after years staged a story of revenge. And the long road of revenge, is to win the battle of Colosseum: "cruel horse was first past the end of a dead end point." Horses and chariots were screaming brought billowing smoke…… The whole scene grand and thrilling, Binnn and Sarah meters respectively driving a black and white 4 horses, full speed racing together bridle to bridle desperate flame, and bloody battle between the brothers of the shocking scenes and tragic, "Binnn" will find a sense of history and grand scenes portrayed most vividly. It is understood that this scene in Rome studios took 32 days, "two brothers" of Jack · and Tobey · Houston; Keiper also conducted 12 weeks of intensive training, which is in the riding experience they have under the condition of. Ben Hur played by Jack · Houston said: "I get along with the horse is comfortable also very confident, but at the same time to control the four horses is another matter entirely. Their power is amazing. You don’t run around the corner, it’s in the sand. This is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in my life". Figure Chinese posters show the vicissitudes of history Morgan · Freeman play soul instructor Jack · Houston played by actor Ben Hur from a handsome charming and graceful bearing of the Jewish prince, experienced endless suffering after depressed frustration. After years of slavery in the battleship life after he became stronger, a heart of stone. He knew that the only way to keep himself alive was to think about how to revenge, and that was the only thing that kept him back home. His wife Esther is a childhood friend of Ben Hur, by "the next three days" actress Nazanning · Frances Burney play as Artie, devout Jews believe she is a champion, but also one family love guard Ben hur.相关的主题文章:

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