The first three quarters of the former Guangdong second-hand car trading volume fell 1.2%-

| in front of the first three quarters of the Guangdong second-hand car trading volume fell 1.2%- days before the Nandu auto Sohu, a reporter from the Guangdong Province Automobile Dealers Association learned that the third quarter of this year, Guangdong second-hand car trading rebound momentum, but the overall 1-9 month trading volume, Guangdong second-hand vehicle cumulative trading volume of 676 thousand vehicles, down 1.2%. Dongguan, Foshan still occupy the top two, Guangzhou second-hand car ranking has not changed, but the transaction volume fell by 2.4%. Did not cancel the removal of the Pearl River delta 9 cities, the overall transaction volume has decreased over the same period last year. Before the three quarter of second-hand car trading like a "roller coaster" according to the Guangdong Province Automobile Circulation Association statistics, 2016 1-9 month Guangdong second-hand vehicle cumulative trading volume was 676 thousand units, down 1.2%; second-hand car trading for a total amount of 37 billion 210 million yuan, an increase of 1.3%. As the most important trading models, the province’s second-hand car trading volume was 483 thousand, down by 0.2%, the transaction amount of $30 billion 210 million, an increase of 0.7%. Second hand commercial vehicles (including buses and trucks) trading volume of 143 thousand units, down by 10.6%. Other models (including motorcycles, trailers, etc.) trading volume was 50 thousand, an increase of 25%. From the monthly trading trend, 1-9 months of second-hand transactions by the province affected by the policy is significant, the first three quarters of the transaction was a "section of" ups and downs. The first quarter, motivated by the eight countries ", the trading volume has picked up momentum; the second quarter, the country began to implement the" residence permit "Provisional Regulations, foreigners transfer difficulties, the transaction volume decline dragged down by July; as in the Pearl River Delta region in the relocation of the cancellation and the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of the implementation of Car Buying convenience initiatives such as foreigners, the third quarter trading volume began to rise, a bottoming out trend. Car age was significantly reduced in the third quarter of the transaction, nearly 55% of the province’s second-hand car trading price of more than $50 thousand, the use of life in less than 6 years of second-hand cars accounted for more than the province’s total trading volume of more than 50%. Visible, the overall quality of second-hand cars in Guangdong continue to improve. The reporter saw at the Nandu Longxi Avenue, a luxury second-hand car 5S shop hall, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury brands car age basically in three years, some time on the card only a few months. The main luxury car Trinidad car department sales manager Hu Huimei told reporters in Nandu in recent years, the acquisition of second-hand car dealer in the luxury car, pay more attention on time. Therefore, within two years, more than 80% of the new car. Nandu reporter learned that there are a few large second-hand car dealers, because of cooperation with various luxury brand 4S shops, their inventory of vehicles, there are only 2-3 months old, not even on the second-hand car. Shenzhen AKD luxury cars mall a sales staff also said that this year, more is to buy a luxury car consumers will pay more attention to the "age of the vehicle". From the major regional trading situation, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan is still the province’s top 5 trading volume. Dongguan is still in the first place, the second place is Foshan, Shenzhen is 6相关的主题文章:

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