The golden nine silvers ten is not the end of this month will go from the first round new car market

The golden nine silvers ten is not the end of this month will be listed on the new car first round go from the golden nine silvers ten officially entered into second months, buy buy buy power still, while car manufacturers also spare no effort for the user to launch new models, new car will be listed in October first round a lot, don’t look tired, 4 new preview. There are a large force to follow up ing. It is understood that Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) new enjoy more senior car C6 will be officially listed in October 17th. As with the new LaCrosse (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), new MAGOTAN (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) together in the B+ class car market flagship product. C6 energy based on the concept of aesthetic design, using a new generation of family front design, the grille, headlights, one of three Logo. Interior design presents a unique French style. Leather imported NAPPA head leather. C6 front and rear seats are equipped with seat heating, ventilation and massage functions, rear backrest angle can also be adjusted electrically, effectively alleviate the fatigue caused by long-distance travel. Four separate automatic air conditioning system to meet the needs of different seat passengers. At the same time, C6 wheelbase 2900mm, once again defined the new size of the B+ class car, with the largest size can open the panoramic sunroof. C6 equipped with up to 11 features of the ADAS advanced driver assistance system. In addition, 12.3 inch and 8 inch LCD color digital instrument vehicle multimedia entertainment system, intelligent interactive screen. Dongfeng Honda new hatchback, competing Ruigang was released in the Chengdu auto show, we further obtained the vehicle road test vehicle. It is reported that the car will continue to be equipped with 131Ps L15B 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, which will be officially listed in October 18th. Dongfeng Honda competitive ruilu vehicle exposure test appearance, Dongfeng Honda competition will be based on the 2014 Beijing auto show Rui (micro-blog) CONCEPT B concept car released to build, the trapezoidal grille, integrated with the headlights is basically consistent with Gerui. The front and the Gerui are similar in size, competitive Rui length and breadth were 45171705 1477mm, wheelbase 2600mm, the car looks Bigerui increased by 22mm. Wheelbase 2600mm tail design is very complicated. The tail, Rui design is very complex, including through style taillights, fastback design, small tail tail spoiler and rear bumper on both sides of the exaggerated chrome trim etc.. The interior, the past few days exposure of the official view, Jing Rui and Gerui, new (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) interior design is very similar to that of the black main colors and glove box at the top of the imitation carbon fiber trim highlights the sense of movement. Rui. Configuration, the new car is expected to be equipped with a key to start, DA smart screen system, reversing images, blind area monitoring, automatic air conditioning, etc.. A few days before the exposure of the Rui Rui interior picture power, Dongfeng Honda Rui Rui will be equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 131Ps. Transmission system, which is expected to match the 5 speed manual or CVT gearbox. According to the latest release of the official website of modern Beijing, modern Yue will be listed in October 18th this year, sales. As red.相关的主题文章:

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