The Hongkong observatory forecast Beijing moranti super typhoon approaching terrorist attack in Hong jslottery

The Hongkong observatory forecast "Beijing September new network moranti" super typhoon approaching terrorist attack in Hong Kong 12, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao reported, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Hongkong is likely to usher in windy weather. The Hongkong Observatory is still in Philippines east of the typhoon "Meranti" will gradually increase, and in the Mid Autumn Festival in Hongkong on Thursday, about 400 km across, Hongkong is likely to be a tropical cyclone warning; this Thursday, five was bad weather, the wind increased, and storm, people go to the moon or activity affected. 10 pm, typhoon Meranti gathered at about 1420 km east of Kaohsiung, is expected to move to the northwest, about 24 kilometers per hour, the material will continue to increase, generally move to the east of Luzon to Taiwan sea area. The Hongkong Observatory moranti the next two or three days will be strengthened gradually into a super typhoon, later this week in the area near the southeast coast of China. According to the latest forecast path Observatory last night, moranti in tomorrow intensified into a super typhoon, and welcome June into Hongkong 800 km range is warning on Wednesday. The Mid Autumn Festival is the day, moranti will further close to Hongkong, but in Hongkong 400 kilometers across, in Xiamen City, with a landing, that Hongkong is likely to be hanging around the Mid Autumn Festival, wind ball. The observatory yesterday morning in the late this week Morandi is expected to gradually approaching Hongkong and into Hongkong, 400 km, and landing in Shantou City area, but last night to make changes, material moranti in Hongkong 400 km outside the range of passing, landing location near Xiamen, and foreign Meteorological Agency predicted path is similar, but also with the morning the predicted path difference of about 100 km; the observatory 9 days weather forecast also shows that this Thursday, five weather will significantly deteriorate, wind up to 6, only a strong wind level.相关的主题文章:

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