The international film project unveiled the Silk Road International Film Festival pullip

The international film project unveiled the Silk Road International Film Festival, International Film Festival Xi’an youth online on 23 September, (Shi Lei) to promote in countries along the silk road movie has become a hot topic in the third session of the Silk Road International Film festival. The author from being held at the film festival to understand, "the musician" "Shaolin dream" "Monkey King Legend" three international co production projects before the date of publication, people’s attention by domestic and foreign movies. It is understood that the three film was released by shining pictures in the film festival Chinese film co production forum ", which is the first Chinese and Kazakhstan musicians" co productions, "Shaolin dream" is the first Chinese and Iran co productions, and "Monkey King Legend" is a shining film with India following the "second cooperation" Kung Fu yoga after. The release of the three film, the most attractive to young viewers is "Monkey King Legend". According to reports, the film into the Chinese and India two king image, core story and characters by once created spider man, Batman, iron man and other super heroes is famous in the world of the marvel father Stan Lee and India Graphic India animation company to jointly build, known as the "China superhero action science fiction slice". "Dream" and "Shaolin" were about China musicians obsessed with Shaolin Kung Fu Iran youth in China and Chinese partners to learn Shaolin, Xuewu experienced the ups and downs, and China famous musician Xian Xinghai in the Great Patriotic War in Almaty Kazakhstan Roca sound rescue experience. "China’s domestic film market is developing rapidly, but the internationalization process is facing many challenges." Shining pictures founder and chairman Shen Jian, shining pictures focus on international co production, aims to establish a platform for the cooperation of Chinese and foreign filmmakers, together with overseas counterparts to deduction and speak good story China, introduced to the world and spread China culture, promote Chinese and countries along the Silk Road cultural exchanges and people connected". It is understood that the shining film established last year after the establishment of international co production fund, focused on the development and production of Commercial Co productions based on Chinese, for the international market, the amount of investment from 10 million to 60 million dollars, annual investment plan development, production and produced 3~5 film. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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