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The land area of corruption prone: is all right to borrow money tricks – the Sohu news recently, Hunan Provincial Department of land resources bulletin 10 occurred in the province system of land and resources "yanguobamao type of corruption cases. By taking advantage of others for project bidding and contract projects in land requisition compensation, excellent affectionate friends, in the audit and approval procedures in the process of accepting gifts…… In the field of land and resources, all kinds of corruption means surprising. For some time, due to corruption sacked leading cadres, there are a lot of land and other resources in the collection, transfer and other issues wantonly bribery. What is the reason for the frequent corruption in the field of land and resources? In the current comprehensive strictly under the situation, how to fill the loopholes in the system, but also in the field of land clean? "All right" by making more kinds of land and resources management departments responsible for land and mineral resources management, and planning a series of important responsibilities. With the economic and social development, land, minerals and other resources more and more "hot", the land and resources sector is also increasingly "weight"". Land resources in the field of corruption cases investigated in recent years, as long as moving from the crooked brains, from the director, the Secretary to the chief clerk, and may use of authority and loopholes, for "good", from the resources in a big fish. A series of links in the decision makers, managers have a greater discretion, which gives the power of rent-seeking space. Such as examination and approval link. Some local governments and officials in Vietnam offside land approval rights, breach of privilege of illegal approval, free allocation of land, or should be used as operating land as land supply, resulting in the loss of state assets. From January 2015 to October, carried out the irregularities in the land and Resources Department of Guangdong province with special rectification action, investigate and deal with illegal land use issues more than 2.8, 107 people because of illegal land use approval by the party and government discipline. Another example of law enforcement collection, fine links. With the investigation of illegal land, law enforcement, fines and other terms of land and resources management departments, some cadres on the use of the terms "chinakayao". From March 2014 to March 2015, Zhao Huiping served in the Hunan province Xiangtan County Land Resources Bureau Director Stone Flower Center, for the name of land clearance on account for Hu handled 10 thousand yuan fee charged a permit fee of 100 thousand yuan (after the turn for personal loans for personal consumption). Zhao Huiping was expelled from the party and other sanctions. There are local officials under the guise of investment, in violation of the state on land auction, land assessment, refund provisions, or help the black box operation or low bid evaluation Sungongfeisi, or illegal return transfer benefits, changing the pattern to engage in bartering". Cao Yong and former director of Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce had a company in the Huainan theme park project investment process, while the illegal breach of privilege, agreed to return the land premium 17 million yuan, resulting in huge losses of state is difficult to recover; on the other side of the wife to sell high priced real estate, goods and trustees to obtain huge profits. Currently, the process of urbanization is being carried out, demolition resettlement, project construction, land acquisition相关的主题文章:

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