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The last day of a small holiday Sichuan A return so today is the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. Is expected this afternoon and evening, Chengdu will usher in the return peak. WCC reporter obtained from the peak of the shunt circuit plan of the traffic control department of Chengdu city. Please look carefully at the owner of a friend! According to the Chengdu Municipal Traffic Management Bureau released September 13th Mid Autumn Festival travel, during the three day holiday on September 15th to 17, Chengdu city to vehicle tail number limit line measures. According to the past holiday data statistical analysis, is expected today in the afternoon and evening, return traffic will converge. By then, the city roads and highways, as well as the import and export of highway, passenger station, business circles, tourist attractions and other traffic flow, prone to overlap the trend of road traffic pressure increases. We try to avoid the rush hour, go back or simply eat dinner and then slowly walk. In addition, more than one line, so as not to delay the trip and time. Back home on the road? Don’t be afraid. We’ll show you how to get home. The high speed into the high speed into the high speed of the traffic flow during the holidays, is expected to venture Road to zero km road traffic out of the city will soar, friends in the police advised people choose to travel peak at the same time, the best choice for new large road, Wuhou Avenue (a fast track to San Shuangliu, Xinjin or Pujiang) after on the Chengya highway. Cheng Nan highway according to the traffic flow timely in the 3rd Ring Rd into ten stores in south of the intersection, interchange to shunt, into the south high-speed public friends can choose the ring conversion. During the holidays, Chengwenqiong high-speed road toll station, the home field direction of the city closed construction, please go to Wenjiang, Chongzhou, Qionglai pilot, try to avoid the sun Avenue, Chengwenqiong high-speed home field charging station, recommended to choose the Guanghua Road, a high-speed filling in orbit. The beltway highway and high-speed, high-speed, chengmian into the South since Lu speed, Chengya expressway, into the filling speed, a high-speed interchange or Peng intersection entrance will be a large number of vehicles together, the public is advised to avoid the rush hour choose to travel peak, can also travel through the conversion of "second around the city high speed". A week infraredimages: serious accident in Luzhou three vehicles collided 1 dead 5 injured in Sichuan two old people live in a cave for 54 years in Sichuan to live Shenxianjuanlv beauty teacher will see what the real thing in Chengdu the largest area of cut top Street illegally built buildings Chengdu beauty legs whitening beauty Chengwenqiong speed home field charging station during the Mid Autumn Festival Chengwenqiong speed of single direction of the city 2.5 km road closed his right road vehicles, with two-way traffic. The inner and outer Beltway ramp up Chengwenqiong high-speed Wenjiang to Chengdu city closed, Xipu Beltway overpass to Jiangan interchange (outer ring) of Chengdu, Wenjiang continue to ramp down closed Beltway Jiang an interchange to Xipu interchange (ring) in Chengdu closed down the ramp, the normal traffic ramp. Reminder to block point home field toll station, highway toll station, North Star high-speed beltway Tianfu toll stations, toll stations, high-speed beltway reception temple Xipu Beltway toll station, ultra high-speed beltway相关的主题文章:

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