The legend of our family’s annual meeting –

The legend of our family’s annual meeting – the Sohu at the end of each year, there are some companies will do more let a person envy, full of sound and colour, known as the "people’s annual meeting". However, Xiao Bian does not envy, because "our family’s annual meeting" is your envy of other people’s home! Our annual meeting was held in the place that the boss called "roadside stall", but don’t think that the venue is not enough, and the annual meeting is not good enough! Daddy said "we are tired of logging (family)", this place will help us enhance our feelings etc. What are some listed companies (PS ~: This is definitely not poker-faced to talk nonsense! Listed on her daughters support!) Say, you envy others, the annual meeting is not envy other people’s prizes? Look at the prizes above. Is it a special trench? Not only everyone, but also two prizes per person! A profitable little fat boss feels distressed at melody up ~ you can see how men look at the heartache, there are wooden want? As a cultural and creative company, the annual conference program is certainly very creative! Of course there are many…… Another funny forced performances and pollution, what "Tun" ah, "King told me to" Xunshan ah…… You are the one! Daddy asks you to go to the park ranger! What? So hard, because the first prize of the program has 10 opportunities for late or 3 days paid annual leave? No, no, no, we’re not such shallow people! We are in the ‘praise eyes and cheerful mood! The 10 time opportunity or 3 days of paid annual leave only a few! Show magic show! Believe me! SEXY hot dance (ah, big legs, big legs!) We all have to drink at the annual meeting, but the envy of us is that it makes you happy even when you drink! The girls can not be outside daddy provisions to drink, not to accompany clients to drink, but drink at the annual meeting, a bottle of 200, more than 3 bottles per bottle 400, strength with money, happy? See, other companies will have so many girls waiting around the wine wine? And these empty bottles are just the tip of the iceberg, and the girls’ fighting power is not what you can imagine! One night we go Daddy have tens of thousands, heart pain ~ not only employee welfare, the boss is a surprise. We give daddy was awarded a prize for the most handsome boss, as the only male, daddy very touched to receive this award, said he will continue, later than he who will not move into the company, to secure his position as the yen value! Have you ever seen our annual meeting? Is your annual meeting so high? Is there such a wave? Say it, let Xiao Bian also envy it? Xiao Bian can not to believe in a better boss than daddy.

传说中“我们家的年会”-搜狐   每到年终,总有那么些公司的年会办得有声有色,让人倍加羡慕,称之为“别人家的年会”。不过小编可不羡慕哦,因为“我们家的年会”就是你们羡慕的别人家啦!      我们年会就在这个被老板称之为“路边摊”的地方举办了,不过别以为场地不够壕,年会就不够好!奶爸说了我们是“伐木累(family)”,这样的地方才会有益于我们增进感情~等咱们公司上市了啥都会有的~(PS:这绝对不是一本正经地胡说八道!上市就靠闺女儿们支持了!)      说起来大家羡慕别人家年会还不是羡慕别人家的奖品?看上面我们的奖品,是不是特别壕?不光人人有份,还是每人两份奖品!酷爱赚钱的小胖子老板心疼得嘤嘤嘤了起来~你们看图就能看出来奶爸有多肉痛了,看了有木有很想要?                     作为一个文化创意型的公司,年会的节目当然非常有创意!当然有很多……又逗逼又污的节目表演,什么《屯儿》啊,《大王叫我来巡山》啊……就是你!奶爸叫你去巡山了!什么?这么卖力是因为节目一等奖有10次迟到机会或3天带薪年假?不不不我们才不是这么肤浅的人!我们是为了奶爸赞许的目光和愉悦的心情!10次迟到机会或3天带薪年假只是捎带的!      节目单      魔术表演(现场绝对没有托!信我!)      SEXY热舞(啊啊啊大长腿大长腿!)   年会都得喝酒,但是我们令人羡慕的地方就在于,哪怕是喝酒都让你喝得高兴!奶爸规定姑娘们不能在外面喝酒,不能陪客户喝酒,但在年会上喝酒,一瓶200,3瓶以上每瓶400,实力洒钱,爽不爽?         看见没,别的公司会有这么多姑娘围着酒桌排队等酒喝么?而且这些空瓶只是冰山一角,姑娘们的战斗力不是你能想象的!奶爸一晚上被大家喝走几万,心可疼啦~      不光员工有福利,老板也是有惊喜的。我们给奶爸颁了个最帅老板奖,作为公司唯一男性,奶爸非常感动地领了这个奖,表示自己会保持下去,以后比他帅的誓死不招进公司,稳固自己颜值担当的地位!   看过我们的年会,是不是羡慕得不要不要的?你们的年会有没有这么嗨?有没有这么浪?说出来让小编也羡慕一下?小编可不信有比奶爸更好的老板啦~   相关的主题文章:

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