The middle of the night without sleep, stockpile – for next month’s travel tourism Sohu happynewyear

The middle of the night without sleep, stockpile – trip next month since December the Sohu tourist trip to South Korea, feel the mood is much better, the key is to buy buy buy shopping impulse, let people are still looking forward to. And just listen to the sound of Xinluo’s APP line, decided to take the opportunity to experience a return, by the way to see whether there is a legend in the end so affordable. Who knows just landed on the forgotten password, then open the official website of Xinluo duty-free shops, by looking for a password, and soon recovered the password. After login began around the time, travel and computer box is bound to carry, so the two is also very easy to be damaged, and the camera is the same, is an essential travel tool, basically in accordance with the left hand side of the column, see from the mobile phone terminal, can at a glance. Although Canon M3 is not homogeneous in the domestic price level compared with the single micro cost is very high, a lot of love for not carrying large machines, the imaging effect of less demanding, it is fully meet. Although the type of cell phone is not much, but as an understanding of the rest of the majority can be found in the duty-free shop. The notebook computer is equally important, Samsung 900X3L-K01, the domestic price 8900, saw a total of RMB 5772 in Xinluo APP, the evaluation price is still very good, appearance beautiful, thin as onion skin, such as the liberal and dignified beauty, is Tingtingyuli, suitable for people’s aesthetic point of view. The kernel configuration is reasonable, strong, fast running speed, believe that the installation of retouching software and video production are more than sufficient, absolutely not the card. Finally I looked at the man’s daily necessities, Samsonite back a total of RMB 99 yuan, people are surprised to see a lot of the airport, at least in the domestic price, this is just a fraction of. It is said that the Xinluo APP to take a variety of techniques to facilitate the procurement of foreign. Xinluo duty-free shop APP can also enjoy online shopping, smart stores, stores discount three services, we will be more fully meet your shopping needs. Do not need to join the purchase of other members of the inconvenience of the program, you can directly shopping. The storage of goods out of stock, using text messages to email you immediately! From now on no longer queuing, in the store with a mobile phone into the integrated APP scan two-dimensional code directly to pay the store goods, you can receive goods on the day of departure. This is a lot of shopping Madman’s welfare, because buy more always forget, it is not afraid to forget. The store near the Bluetooth, discount information, coupons all into the mobile phone! A key to confirm membership, coupons, events, etc.. In view of this, the Xinluo APP, every day is eleven, with the blessing, you don’t have to worry about the Korean shopping trip! Graphic original author, reproduced please do not change, the use of commercial contact author. Author: people from the media, senior travelers, travel video bloggers, micro-blog signed a contract from the media, fashion, travel, travel Master micro-blog game player Lotour columnist, tuniu, big game player where smart traveler, advanced sleep tester, network NJ, I interpretation of the text, voice相关的主题文章:

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