The national property market regulation should be Lengrebujun policy of a city

The national property market Lengrebujun regulation policy of a city should be the Mid Autumn Festival this year more than two hot topics: rob iPhone7 and rob the house. Hangzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen and other places "on the disc are frequent, Zhengzhou in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the introduction of" Zheng Jiu "the night trying to cool the property market; on September 18th afternoon, Hangzhou Housing Security Bureau official website to hang out outside the restriction measures, the core content is only a foreigner. This year the property market, Kim Gu has been more than half, is about to usher in silver ten". In the national property market regulation and inventory intertwined key nodes. Vice chairman of China Development Research Foundation, the CPPCC National Committee member Liu Shijin recently said that the first tier cities skyrocketing housing prices disrupt the pace of industrial restructuring. Previously, including Li Xunlei, Ba and other well-known economists are warning the current individual city property market overheating or hidden risks. Rather than predicting the future, seize the moment. The "daily economic news" reporter hope that through the Mid Autumn Festival this window, submit a report to the national property market real market, to readers. "Golden nine silver ten" is the traditional property sales season, and the Mid Autumn Festival as the first holiday Kim Gu ", the property market in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region market is good. For the future trend of the property market in Beijing and Tianjin, Fan Xiaochong, executive vice president of sunshine 100, told reporters that the quality of the Beijing Tianjin has not much left. Relocation of the Beijing municipal government, the population of the currency as well as the loose, Beijing, Tianjin and the property market has played a huge role in support. However, not to have the opportunity to expand the city, because there is no large-scale population into the city can not be to the development of the pie, or to follow the industry nodes go down. Beijing: buyers are still optimistic about the Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that in the past this Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, Beijing new residential contract 422 units, second-hand housing contract signed 280 units. Volume is the highest point in recent years, small holiday, but because of the particularity of the holiday contract, the overall contract is not completely true to reflect market conditions. From the market trend, in September the property market in Beijing is still the same as the other second tier cities running high temperature. Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that from 2016, Beijing, the list of transactions in the project to see, the top 10 contract price of only one yuan in the following 30 thousand yuan, while the contract price of more than $40 thousand in up to 8. Fold in more than 60 thousand yuan is to reach the top of the 5. This shows that the overall market into high-end. Just need to market more difficult, the average price of a single set of 5 million 190 thousand yuan commercial housing market, the average price of a single set of second-hand housing has been close to $4 million. Although the price is set up, but buyers are still optimistic about the market. WIK Anjie statistics, "the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday period, Beijing housing market consulting volume continued to rise, a week before the increase of about 30%. In the second half of the loan demand catalytic continuous release, ready to enter the market of the purchase in time during the holidays together loan counseling, loan enthusiasm appear Huizhang trend. However, the supply has continued to decrease. Statistical data from the house agency show for the Beijing residential area of 12 million 730 thousand square meters down from 2010 to 2015 of 4 million 540 thousand square meters, a decline of 64%. Tianjin: regional cooperation to stimulate the property market before the country.相关的主题文章:

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