The old man 7 acres of persimmon unsalable Yancheng Dafeng volunteers to sell 4 thousand pounds soulseek

The old man 7 acres of persimmon unsalable Yancheng Dafeng volunteers "sell sell 4 thousand pounds of persimmon, the rose fragrance in hand……" These days, some residents in Yancheng City Dafeng area circle of friends, we have to forward this selling WeChat persimmon. Litchi news reporter learned that the old district of Dafeng a perennial sick, field 7 acres of ripe persimmon unsalable, Dafeng volunteers that matter, by WeChat to help the elderly to sell persimmon, as of November 19th has sold more than 4 thousand pounds. In addition, the elderly in the field there are nearly 6 thousand pounds of persimmon waiting for sales. It is understood that the large and medium-sized town of Dafeng District Fufengcun Zhu Hongxing elderly, suffering from thrombosis and necrosis of the femoral head, walk on crutches, his wife Dong Guiping was suffering from diabetes complications, breast cancer and other diseases, perennial in Nanjing to see a doctor. Please pick persimmons, one hour of labor costs have to get 10 dollars, selling the money is not enough to pay the cost of labor, this year’s market is too bad." Looking at the persimmon tree, Zhu Hongxing old man is both sad and helpless. Dafeng yigonglian women’s Federation Chairman Yi Ya learned the old problem, then in the "forum" issued a post prime river. "4 cents a pound, ten pounds, twenty pounds of 100 200 pounds not too little, not too much, I hope everyone can help, help the two old people", "the two old people in poor health, 7 acres of persimmon and trapped in the ground, just one disaster after another, launched the big guy power. Sell a little"…… These days, Dafeng volunteers that have action, WeChat will be forwarded to share out, and release the initiative. Fortunately, the initiative has been supported by many volunteers and caring people, a lot of people through the way WeChat message to the elderly to buy persimmon. So you 50 pounds, he was 100 pounds, after a night of love relay, the elderly persimmon has sold nearly $2000." Dafeng yigonglian head Zhou Xucai told reporters that the old man is not good, in order to pick the persimmon, many volunteers Qinliqinwei, rushed to the field to help the elderly. According to Zhou Xucai introduction, a few days ago, volunteers came to the old man’s persimmon garden in, with gloves, scissors, under the guidance of the elderly, volunteers carefully picking persimmons. After the concerted efforts of all, 2000 pounds persimmon finally picked up in the afternoon at 3 points. In order to solve the transport problem of persimmon, a kind of engineering boss will pickup to the home for the elderly from the field, the volunteers picked persimmon to Dafeng City, by caring people to subscribe. That night, by WeChat to buy persimmon love is still increasing. The reporter learned that, when the volunteers for the old persimmon, persimmon picking selling pictures and text through the circle of friends to share out, some do not know the caring people and businesses have also added to the selling persimmon as the old man’s love in the army. Later, the volunteers to the old man’s persimmon garden, to help people picking love, but also brought back more than 2 thousand pounds of persimmon. "In a few days, through our efforts, the old persimmon has sold more than 4 thousand pounds, to help the elderly solution as pressing danger." Zhou Xucai said happily, according to preliminary estimates, there are nearly 6000 pounds persimmon persimmon persimmon. In fact, Zhu Hongxing old man selling unmarketable persimmon, dafeng.相关的主题文章:

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