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The second is the good public communication Awards – public – September 16th, actor Qiao Renliang died in September 20th, due to the depression Dutch act; Zhongshan University litigation law professor Cai Yanmin falls dead. Within five days, the death of actors and scholars has aroused public concern about depression. According to statistics, depression has become the world’s fourth major diseases, in 2020 will be the impact of human diseases, second only to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the world, the top second diseases. Depression is known as emotional cold, but compared to the hospital to see a cold, the patient walked into the Department of mental illness related departments, requires great courage. Patients and family members of the "stigma" is a major stumbling block in treatment of patients". In order to eliminate depression "stigma", encourage patients to seek medical attention, first of all to the whole society to face depression, raise public awareness of depression. In order to better dissemination of mental health knowledge, promote professional objective, in-depth and creative spirit of health communication practice, in the spirit of World Health Day October 10th, Beijing is still good foundation with the Guangzhou Center for social innovation, public capital, Zhongshan University new media anthropology laboratories and other institutions, the media launched the second "mental health care? There is good public communication award, award the best attention to the mental health and the prevention and treatment of depression theme works. Organizers hope that by virtue of good public welfare award, to attract more media reporters and the public concerned about the development of China’s mental health, and promote the development of the cause of depression prevention. Whenever the focus of mental health theme works, whether text, video, audio, picture or innovative communication, can enroll in language, excellent works up to get a bonus of 10 thousand yuan. There is good public communication award invited domestic medical and public circles and the media experts and scholars as the judges, the judges set up cross-border will ensure the professionalism and impartiality of the award. At present, still good public communication award has begun enrollment, media reporters and the public can be recommended or recommended for him. A register of tip 1, registration time: from now until December 10th; 2, the selection of mental health and the prevention and treatment of depression: focus on the theme of the text, video, audio, books, communication behavior. 3, work requirements: publication time required in October 25, 2015 to October 25, 2016, outstanding works may be appropriate to relax. 4, registration: Beijing public good foundation is still concerned about the official micro signal (ID:bjsswx) to fill in the registration form or recommendation form, registration, recommend successful, there will be staff feedback. (Note: per declaration or recommendation of 2 works, two) organization organizer: Beijing shangshasn Charity Foundation organizer: Guangzhou City Center for social innovation strategy Associated Media: public capital, everyone welfare, a good academic support: Zhongshan University new media anthropology laboratory three, the introduction as the first domestic attention, mental health the prevention and treatment of depression and depression, general knowledge)相关的主题文章:

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