The State Council accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, encourage eq-winavi video converter

The State Council: to accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation to encourage equity incentives Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in the State Council: to accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation to encourage equity awards etc. – Xinhua News Agency February 17th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a state Council executive meeting, listen to the 2015 national NPC and CPPCC recommendations and proposals for work trimaran report, raise the level of public decision support; to determine the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation policies and measures to promote the depth of integration of technology and economy. The meeting pointed out that the NPC deputies’ proposals and CPPCC members’ proposals focused on the wisdom of all walks of life, and it was an important way for the government to absorb public opinions and accept people’s supervision. Dealing with proposals and proposals can effectively promote scientific and democratic administration and enhance the credibility of the government. The NPC and CPPCC since last year, the State Council departments to strengthen leadership, improve the system, the lead handled 8001 proposals and 4809 proposals, which accounted for 97.1% and 96.5%; many departments of the policy is to absorb the opinions and suggestions on behalf of members, to solve a number of problems, has played a positive role in promoting economic development, improving the social management and promote the improvement of people’s livelihood. However, there are some problems such as not timely handling and low quality. The meeting stressed that all departments should continue to take the country this year NPC and CPPCC proposals for recommendations as the annual focus firmly and realistically, improve government work efficiency. First, strict responsibility, limited time, so that everything is available, everything has a response. The principal responsible comrades to handle regularly listen to the report, in charge of responsible comrades must personally presided over the proposal for an important, to ensure the quality of handling, never give an irrelevant answer. Two, it is necessary to improve the communication and consultation mechanism, such as investigation, interview, etc., and the departments with more proposals and proposals should convene at least one meeting attended by representatives of the committee each year to listen to the opinions. Three, it is necessary to strengthen the assessment accountability, for many years repeatedly submitted, did not finish in time the proposed proposal, should be included in the list of supervision, and take targeted measures to improve. Four, we should innovate the work flow, promote the online management and improve the efficiency. The Fifth Law steadily for the results to the public, accept social supervision. According to the conference, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technical achievements, through the combination of technology and economy channel, the formation of new productive forces as soon as possible, to promote structural reforms especially the supply side structural reforms, implementation of innovation driven development strategy, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, improve the quality and efficiency of development, has important significance. The conference confirmed that the research and development institutions encouraged by the state and institutions of higher learning transferred scientific and technological achievements to enterprises or other organizations through transfer, licensing or pricing investment, and enjoyed the following policies, so as to mobilize the initiative of the innovation subjects. First, the independent decision to transfer its scientific and technological achievements, in principle, no need to approve or record. Encourage priority transfer to small and medium sized enterprises. Support the establishment of specialized technology transfer institutions. The two is the result of the transfer of income all belong to the unit, the main incentive for scientific and technical personnel and scientific research, achievements and other work. The transfer of scientific and technological achievements and transaction prices should be publicized according to the procedures. Three is through the transfer or theory

国务院:加快科技成果转移转化 鼓励股权奖励等方式 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   国务院:加快科技成果转移转化 鼓励采取股权奖励等方式   □新华社电   国务院总理李克强2月17日主持召开国务院常务会议,听取2015年全国两会建议提案办理工作汇报,汇聚众智提高公共决策水平;确定支持科技成果转移转化的政策措施,促进科技与经济深度融合。   会议指出,人大代表建议和政协委员提案集中了各界智慧,是政府了解吸纳民意、接受人民监督的重要途径。办理好建议提案,可以有力推动科学民主施政,增强 政府公信力。去年全国两会以来,国务院部门加强领导,健全制度,牵头办理了8001件建议和4809件提案,分别占总数的97.1%和96.5%;部门出 台的许多政策都吸纳了代表委员的意见建议,解决了一批重点难点问题,为促进经济发展、完善社会管理和推动民生改善等发挥了积极作用。但也存在少数部门办理 不及时、办理质量不高等问题。会议强调,今年各部门要继续把全国两会建议提案办理作为年度重点抓紧抓实,提高政府工作实效。一要严格责任,限时办结,做到 件件有着落、事事有回应。主要负责同志要定期听取办理情况汇报,分管负责同志要亲自主持办理重要建议提案,确保办理质量,决不能答非所问。二要完善调研、 走访等沟通协商机制,承办建议提案较多的部门每年至少要召开一次由代表委员参加的座谈会听取意见。三要加强考核问责,对多年反复提交、未及时办结的建议提 案,要纳入督办清单,拿出有针对性的改进措施。四要创新工作流程,推进网上办理,提高办理效率。五要依法稳步推进办理结果公开,接受社会监督。   会议认为,加快科技成果转移转化,打通科技与经济结合的通道,尽快形成新的生产力,对于推进结构性改革尤其是供给侧结构性改革,实施创新驱动发展战略, 促进大众创业、万众创新,提高发展质量和效益,具有重要意义。会议确定,鼓励国家设立的研究开发机构、高等院校通过转让、许可或作价投资等方式,向企业或 其他组织转移科技成果,并享受以下政策,以调动创新主体积极性。一是自主决定转移其持有的科技成果,原则上不需审批或备案。鼓励优先向中小微企业转移成 果。支持设立专业化技术转移机构。二是成果转移收入全部留归单位,主要用于奖励科技人员和开展科研、成果转化等工作。科技成果转移和交易价格要按程序公 示。三是通过转让或许可取得的净收入及作价投资获得的股份或出资比例,应提取不低于50%用于奖励,对研发和成果转化作出主要贡献人员的奖励份额不低于奖 励总额的50%。科技人员在成果转化中开展技术开发与服务等活动,可依法依规获得奖励。在履行尽职义务前提下,免除事业单位领导在科技成果定价中因成果转 化后续价值变化产生的决策责任。四是科技人员可以按照规定在完成本职工作的情况下到企业兼职从事科技成果转化活动,或在3年内保留人事关系离岗创业,开展 成果转化。离岗创业期间,科技人员承担的国家科技计划和基金项目原则上不得中止。鼓励企业采取股权奖励、股票期权、项目收益分红等方式,激励科技人员实施 成果转化。五是将科技成果转化情况纳入研发机构和高校绩效考评,加快向全国推广国家自主创新示范区试点税收优惠政策,探索完善支持单位和个人科技成果转化 的财税措施。更好发挥科技创新对稳增长、调结构、惠民生的支撑和促进作用。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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