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The user has to change the new Note 7 and the bombing of the United States said or two recall according to foreign media reports, two former U.S. security officials said that if the investigation found that the day before the fire in flight Note 7 is indeed as main said is safe version of the Note 7, Samsung may need to start the recall of the machine. For now, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the consumer product safety commission are investigating the accident on Wednesday. At that time, a passenger’s mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S. Southwest Airlines flight suddenly on fire smoke, but fortunately the crew before the plane took off quickly with a fire extinguisher to extinguish and evacuate the passengers, no casualties occurred. "If this is a secure version of Note 7, and is in the passenger’s pocket without smoke, I think Samsung will need to re start the recall," executive director Pamela · of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Gilbert said before. "That doesn’t sound right." Since Note 7 in August this year after a series of explosions, Samsung has been in crisis. The company last month announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand sold Note, and said it had found the cause of the battery fire, convinced that the new version of Note 7 will not have the same problem. The financial impact of the recall on Samsung in the company’s quarterly earnings report on Friday surfaced, Samsung’s profit growth in the quarter hit the lowest since five quarters. In the quarter ended September 30th, Samsung’s operating profit increased by only 5.5% to 7 trillion and 800 billion won (about $7 billion). Gilbert said that the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the earliest possible next week to decide what action to take, "this is not what you can do on the shelf," she said. Former chairman of the consumer product safety commission Nancy · Nord said that the second recall is not common. "Of course, they may also start the recall again, if the accident is not a fault of the user," she said. "They need to make sure that this is a replacement phone, and if so, why is it on fire?" Nord, now a legal adviser to a company, said. A spokesman for the consumer product safety commission declined to say what the agency would do. Bloomberg last week interviewed a Chinese consumer, he said his new version of Note7 started less than 24 hours after the explosion. Samsung said it was investigating the accident. In an accident on Wednesday, the owner told Luis Weil arson investigation team captain Fraiture said the fire was replaced by Note 7. "Due to damage to the phone, we can not confirm (whether it is spontaneous combustion or the new version of Note 7). We’re still trying, "Lecce said in an interview. Lecce said that Samsung, FAA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission staff are in Luis Weil, and cooperate with investigators. The phone is still in the hands of the investigation team, they are ready to arrange laboratory tests to find out why. Lecce said they had not yet decided when and where to carry out the tests. "The cell phone has been damaged by a large area of heat and the carpet of the aircraft," he said. Mobile phone owners.相关的主题文章:

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