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"Father and son" high value "today released Yan son hurt each other" – "father and son" entertainment Sohu today officially landing the domestic theaters Sohu entertainment news by Almighty God Aarif Lee, adorable baby Mason Mun, mixed actress starring Kim Ha Neul, Damian Lau, Lv Zhong, King-Tan Yuen love back the adorable warm comedy "a father and son" officially landed in theaters in China today. And the gold team together for the fans gave a "Little Tadpole Looking for Dad" Carnival feast. Whether it is the script delightful theme, down to earth, or the lively rhythm, smooth plot, the film let fans harvest full of joy and emotion. The high value of Yan son hurt each other "staged" Little Tadpole Looking for Dad "laugh comedy film" very "tells the story of a father and son" sperm son "transnational father and son. Aarif Lee played the "cool dad?" Zhou Liyan and Mason Mun’s "genius adorable treasure" Gu Taifeng, an interpretation of the laughter and tears of the "cold-blooded tadpole conquest for fans". For the majority of fans offer "echoes of the rainbow", "night", "2" surprise chills, "grand track" and other works of Aarif Lee’s "for the first time? When Dad", and "to subvert the previous role of explosive head" mirror image exhibition comedy gene. The mixed child star Mason Mun as the first foray into the variety of advertising and pet Chinese big screen, not only Chinese turned hurricane "small bone", "her father is still fighting, the embodiment of the" cheating "small expert mad child Aarif Lee, described as the" very collision son "is the spark again and again, full of surprises. In the wonderful drama of bone family "acting" collective online is very eye-catching "also won the" my teacher "," savage gentleman character "," blind "and other works to harvest high popularity of" actress "Kim Ha Neul," in a very big attraction in Aarif Lee’s father and son "and" love "the film is also. Kim Ha Neul’s son came to the China Taifeng single mother after Aarif Lee played by Zhou Liyan, and "a bitter enemy" interpretation of a "son" of romantic drama, it is dog abuse Max. "One of the" five most memorable actor TVB Damian Lau of the "contemporary artists" Lu, "Stephen Chow’s gold supporting King-Tan Yuen as Zhou Liyan the majesty of stubborn father, wily grandma and full of delight. The old drama of bone have acting collective online, created a memorable character, dedication of many Oolong layers but watch fans inside "fruit laugh" and "tear for you".相关的主题文章:

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