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The young old man is 50 years old but still is a woman’s Gianluca Vacchi from Uncle ecstasy threat not only in more money than you this superficial understanding of the old bacon absolutely subvert your views do you know who he is? That’s right, the explosion of red network Gianluca Vacchi  50 years old, have a figure, there are tattoos, the girls have been licking crazy. From Italy, Gianluca Vacchi of the nearly fifty years old man, some time ago by a dynamic dance film, a record 8 million 700 thousand pageviews, not only boarded the hot search ranking champion, successfully absorbing powder 4 million, occupy the world’s major media layout. Here is his daily. Fancy lift. Like a tattoo. Her sister playing first-class technique than many young people are crazy for locomotive. Gianluca Vacchi is one of Italy’s successful entrepreneurs, financiers but he not only business minded fashion taste is unique. The upper and lower body has 68 tattoos with strong muscle moreish… All the tattoo collocation strong muscles, the male hormone burst table. Vest line after blasting a lot of young people. A figure is dare to take off. Who said time is a butcher’s knife? Father’s life is very simple, just three things: money fitness to play as a businessman, he is very rich, in addition to love the locomotive, and private aircraft. Of course, there’s a private yacht. Others go out most is the dog people in a match to the perfect beauty of locomotive slip. Always never mean to show off their luxurious life while Gianluca Vacchi has a lot of tickets car yacht is not heavy like a kind of open but only the same love of fitness regardless of your account number 0, the body is always 1 without a body in front of the body, back again more than 0 are meaningless. Daily exercise time. This strong physique, can not see the traces of time. See a lot of people here must have a doubt so rich, around the woman should be a lot. If you think so, you are completely mistaken Vacchi have a loving wife and a son uncle with children is such a style. Warm and love. The father of the new things never resist keep in the forefront of fashion and changing shape, long hair, and sometimes cut social brother Vu with cool drop tattoo you dare say he has no brother fan children??? This figure, temperament, also career man, don’t give young people the way out… But do not worry, after all, this is now)相关的主题文章:

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