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This winter is not sick to eat radish as the saying goes "winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang", "radish listed, doctor of laid-off." White radish is a lot of families in winter on the table indispensable dishes, in addition to cooking soup, white radish, there are a lot of new eating and symptomatic treatment effect. Has the name of "small ginseng" in China, there are many folk proverbs to illustrate the "listing, radish radish doctor nothing", "turnip Town, doctor close", "winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, not a doctor’s prescription", "radish flavor, evil gas imperial", and a proverb shows the benefits of radish: "eat a turnip drink tea, mad doctor climbed the streets". The famous medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty also enshrines the radish, advocate each meal eat, he said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "big radish can under the gas, fire and heat, in the valley of evil." Chinese medicine, radish Xiaoshi, gas, heat, phlegm Dingchuan Detumescence Powder Deposition function. Most children cold sore throat, dry throat cough, phlegm and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection to vomit. Eat more crisp and delicious, fresh radish, not only appetizers, help digestion, can nourish throat phlegm, Qi, prevent colds. In addition to radish fleshy form Seyan, crisp and juicy, edible, but also in the banquet on the other branch into exquisite carved, stimulate the appetite, beautify the life; nutritional components including glucose, sucrose, fructose, pentosan, crude fiber, vitamin C, minerals and a small amount of crude protein, also contains a variety of amino acids. Recent studies have shown that wood fiber radish contained known as strong anti-cancer effects, eat better. You do not know the white radish three things white radish as a favorite vegetables, nutrient rich, rich in B vitamins and a variety of minerals, including vitamin C content of pears 10 times. White radish also has antiviral and anticancer efficacy: crude fiber containing 1 radish can stimulate peristalsis, called Qi, reduce the waste in the gut residence time, the prevention of colon cancer and rectal cancer. 2 white radish in the interferon inducer, the double bond acid on the mouth of the enzyme tolerance. It is not easy to be degraded and no side effects. In recent years, a number of domestic medical researchers found that the white radish contains interferon inducible agent material injected into mice, and found that the body of the malignant tumors to shrink 50%~60%. Contains 3 white radish mustard oil and vegetable glucoside, can interact with a variety of enzymes, the formation of anticancer ingredients with spicy flavor. Therefore, the more spicy radish, the composition of the more, the better the performance of cancer. When do you want to use ginseng? Teach you how to eat the most treatment? Boiled radish – better than gastrointestinal drugs in the radish vitamin C can help eliminate waste in the body, promote the body’s metabolism. In particular, white radish or radish, which is rich in enzymes can play a role in promoting digestion. Usually, the enzyme can absorb food starch, can dissolve in the stomach indigestion, play a very good effect of digestion, prevention of stomach and gastric ulcer. In the case of relatively rich dishes, can do a turnip cabbage soup, not only delicious, but also can accelerate the digestion, stomach warm. Practices.相关的主题文章:

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