This time to talk about taking pictures oppo r9s is about to strike a clear – Sohu

This photo OPPO R9s will talk about clear strikes – Sohu digital OPPO "last night is full of electricity, this talk shoot" at the same time appeared in the TV Tower in Guangzhou and the Shanghai the Bund waistline landmark Citibank building, also occupied the Pearl River and the Huangpu River two big country "to the United States" at night, and has always been good at the theme is OPPO take pictures, people can not help but for the preheating of the new look. Guangzhou TV Tower Shanghai waistline the Bund landmark building Citibank       but in the outdoor advertising of Beijing Wangfujing directly by OPPO  R9s clearly struck the exposure of the new OPPO. Beijing Wangfujing outdoor advertising for many years accumulation of creating mobile phone camera experts today, "pictures" must be one of the most recognized OPPO mobile phone users selling OPPO camera models in recent years this way and OPPO emerge in an endless stream; early insight into the user’s camera needs, as early as the beginning of Intelligent Mobile phone penetration front camera, OPPO the first insight into consumer: the ideal self is "shoot good-looking, appear more natural", based on the core requirements, OPPO has launched the first self portrait function intelligent mobile phone Ulike1, a gun in the market and red, subsequent generations of products laid a "self OPPO expert" status. And OPPO is not limited to the "assembly with camera module such as mobile phone camera do thinking about a few years ago, OPPO began to rise to" image research "to the company level strategy, R & D, an important emergency is second only to product quality improvement and basic communication function imaging technology research and development. So the value of the product idea of taking pictures, plus the OPPO itself for the process design of the ultimate pursuit, so we can OPPO in recent years the product line to meet the most unique flip lens N series, and at the same time attention to self is the flimsy characteristics of fusion OPPO R series. For taking pictures of persistent spawned OPPO many proud, but also for the user about the "black" technology, such as the unique PI original painting engine, extreme beauty, 50 million pixel ultra clear picture quality, "pixel reconstruction" and this year’s largest black chip technology anti shake technology. This year’s OPPO  R9 is from the increasingly popular "self" needs, a 16 million pixel camera pixel reconstruction technology as the main camera, to enhance light sensitivity and tolerance makes the picture more clear and bright. In addition to make self has excellent color reduction, OPPO  R9 launched the 4 extreme beauty beauty technology, self defined on the basis of in any light environment, is to "face exposure as a priority, the color reduction is more natural for imaging standard. Black technology, how to speak on the one hand beyond the requirements of good insight into the needs of users to take pictures, on the other hand, OPPO also focus on autonomy.相关的主题文章:

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