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In those years, toward the Internet and IT industry operators chiefs – Sohu Technology Wen Li Na (reprint of authorized person: Sophie, micro signal: sophie0306) in September 12th, deputy general manager of China Mobile integrated Department, China Mobile news spokesman, China Mobile News Center Director Qi Ge will go to the left, GSMA (mobile Asia Expo Association Office). The 10:01 the same day, he in the circle of friends to share a piece of Leslie Cheung’s "thousands of songs" as a farewell. Schopenhauer said: no one lives in the past, and no one lives in the future, and now is the only form of possession of life. The communications operators, as a pioneer of the state, to hit it, lift million hectares of wave. In recent years, has held the " golden rice bowl " operators executives, but the " leaving tide " intensified. They resigned in a road each opportunity, or to the rugged, or to light. But in any case, they use their own determination, one more operator lead out of the a new future. As Lu Xun said, there is no road in the world, many people go, there is a way. For the operator of the phenomenon of leaving the tide, an insider, gave me the answer: to be able to work in a mobile industry, the people are fortunate. Another insiders agree with this view: "operators almost no one left, because they do not know where to leave? What can you do? But now the situation has changed, because the operator’s own development and transformation, has reached " a thousand sails pass by the side, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun was ". Once the traditional operators in a relatively closed field, is more concerned about the strong professional communication network construction and maintenance, Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon operators inside a galaxy of talents, by learning the inertia of thinking was confined in a cage. Today, in the mobile Internet era, the traditional communications industry is facing more intense and direct competition from the Internet and IT companies, operators focus and management ideas, but also more open and market-oriented. The same need for the construction of communications networks Internet Co, also need to attract a large number of operators. Thus, operators began to be affected by the flow of talent. From the bottom of the operation of the business, because I saw someone open the door to the world of another door, they have to use action to express " the world is so big, I would like to see " determination. As everyone knows, operators of the attractiveness of the industry is rapidly weakening, the three operators are facing the decline in profit growth, the number of users of negative growth and other unfavorable situation, KPI evaluation system and salary, reduce corruption, unreasonable, making operators turnover level more and more high, of which a group of executives to the Internet and IT companies. Such as following: in August 2016, China Mobile strategic senior manager Zhong Tianhua to leave a message, in the overwhelming market. According to Alibaba, Zhong Tianhua has entered the post in August 29th, to.相关的主题文章:

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