Thousands of students to buy information Ningbo an educational institution fined 250 thousand yuan cagliari exchange

Tens of thousands of students to buy information Ningbo an educational institution fined 250 thousand yuan telecommunications fraud cases frequently, so that personal information security has become the focus of public attention. Recently, the Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau announced the first half of the inspection of law enforcement: market supervision departments at all levels to investigate 1818 cases of administrative penalties, fines totaling 57 million 782 thousand and 500 yuan; of which 535 cases, 500 thousand cases of fines of more than 15 yuan; the public security organs to transfer suspected criminal cases 34. Among them, an educational institution for the purchase of thousands of student information to carry out telemarketing, and was fined 250 thousand yuan administrative penalty. The case has become the province’s first case of infringement of personal information of consumers. Tens of thousands of students to hold the name and address of the phone, the full report, Zhang XX dad, your child is now learning how to do not want to participate in our training courses……" At the end of last year, Ningbo parents many schools have received an education and training institutions to sell the phone, the other can not only refer to the names of their children, the children go to school so well. Where did this information come from? Market Supervision Bureau Inspection Detachment investigation found that sales calls pointing to a training institution called nasi. "Nasi company staff constantly to parents on the phone, to help promote the school training business." Market Supervision Bureau Inspection Detachment chief Xu Yonghui said that after receiving the report detachment raided the training organization, at the scene, the inspectors found a two floor, in a small room in the attic, a desk, a telephone set, and a lot of double-sided printing materials of personal information, including the name of the student, parents name, telephone number, home address, more than a few tens of thousands of information. The student information from Ningbo City College, Xingning middle school, Hui Zhen Zhen Ming Guangji Central Primary School, primary school and many other schools. Wide range of student information, in detail, contrary to our expectations. At that time, we in the field of Nasi company responsible person and relevant working personnel records and field investigation, all of the students’ information are to be seized." Xukechang said that, since the beginning of June 2012, to help its associated Nasi education and training schools to expand the customer, the company responsible for the people to buy over tens of thousands of Ningbo area with student’s name, school grade, parents name, phone number, home address and other contents of the detailed personal information through personal channels, without the consent of the students and parents agree under the condition of the company staff one by one to call the parents were asked to sell. The reporter learned yesterday, the Ningbo municipal market authority to make heavy penalties: Haishu District Nasi Education Technology Co. Ltd. for infringement of consumer personal information protection right ", and the parties shall be ordered to rectify the administrative penalty of a fine of 250 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章:

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