Three Great Places To Do Business In

Customer Service Africa is one of the last continents where there is still room to develop a .pany, a kind of frontier if you will. Not only are the people in Africa hungry for jobs and investment, but the governments are trying to attract as much business as possible to help fund their ambitious plans to increase the living standards in the continent. While some countries are embroiled in perpetual wars while others are mismanaged to their economic detriment, these countries are ready for investment and the government is encouraging entrepreneurs to set up their business there or expand there. 1. Ghana Ranked 64th in the world by the World Bank in their 2013 Doing Business report, the West African country has taken several steps to attract investors. A private credit bureau has been set up in the country which is now tracking almost 6% of the adult population while the credit market has been freed up so that access to credit is now much more easily available. There has also been an effort to reduce the time and effort needed to start a new business with reports indicating that a new business can be registered and start operations in less than two weeks; Minimum capital requirements needed to start a business have been lowered as well, making it easier for a lot more people to start their own enterprises. With help from .panies like Scholl Heuter Africa Project Consulting , a lot more people are choosing to start enterprises in Ghana. 2. South Africa Ranked 1st in ease of obtaining credit, .panies or investors in South Africa can obtain credit with hardly any difficulty. This is mainly due to unparalleled information on borrowers and lenders that the credit rating agencies have access to that mean that both borrowers and lenders are well protected in any transaction. Exports and imports are also handled by a modern customs agency that have drastically reduced the times they need to process imports and exports. There also exists great infrastructure that facilitates the moving of goods seamlessly through its borders. .panies that have handled the Infrastructure consulting projects Africa have done a great job. Tax rates have also been reduced and the .plexity of codes reduced to reduce the prep times for filings considerably. 3. Mauritius Ranked 19th in the whole world by the World Bank, Mauritius has modernized its bureaucracy to reduce the time and effort needed in every business interaction. The credit market has also been well served by the public credit ratings which have data on more than half the population in the country. Electronic records systems have been implemented in key government offices including the land registry office which means that land titles and property titles can be transferred between parties quicker. The judicial process has also been improved by the adding of more judges and building new courthouses so that legal wrangles can be straightened out more quickly. These three countries are among the best places not only in Africa, but the world, to do business in and the people and government are doing their best to make it easy to do so. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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