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Three Panda Breeding in November 3rd will be returned from the park China – Sichuan Channel – original title: three Panda Breeding in November 3rd will be returned from the park according to voice of China Chinese "CNR news" reported that the Atlanta zoo recently announced that the giant panda twins "3 round beauty" and "beauty Huan" will return China in November 3rd. The National Zoo in Washington, DC, also announced that the baby panda cub will leave the zoo on 2017 and return to china. At present, the United States has 4 zoo loaned pandas from China, according to the provisions of the concession agreement panda, leased to foreign panda if in foreign birth, then foreign born new panda will eventually return to the China, returning age usually around the age of 4. In the upcoming November 3rd returned to the giant panda "powerkat" and "beauty" was born in July 15, 2013 in Atlanta zoo, is now more than 3 years old. The giant panda cub in Washington, DC, was born in August 2013 and plans to return home in the first few months of next year. The three giant pandas back home are female pandas, after returning home they will participate in the domestic giant panda breeding program. The two zoos in Atlanta and Washington, DC, said it would be a good idea to have giant pandas move in cool winters. Both zoos say they are preparing for the return of the giant pandas from the United states. In Washington, the staff will soon put the suitcase in the panda baby’s residence, to help them get used to the trunk as soon as possible, to adapt to the smell and shape of the trunk. In Atlanta, the staff has put the suitcase in the panda territory. The two zoos also list the packaged goods. The list at the National Zoo in Washington, D. C., includes 55 pounds of bamboo, about 2 pounds of apples and pears, about 38 liters of water. The Atlanta zoo has a list of two times as much as the previous zoo, along with sugar cane and bananas. The director of the Atlanta zoo veterinarian Hayley? Murphy acknowledged that the giant panda is left to them is bittersweet, they want to see the pandas grow together, watching them play, play is very interesting. Although the "round beauty" and "beauty" will leave the United States, but the Atlanta panda fans also have new hope. Because the other two pandas is " " and " beautiful round of beautiful Huan; " six week old twin brother and sister will be in December or January next year and public meeting. (reporter Ma?) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

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