To avoid the Paris Photography Exhibition Photography Biennale Paris photography month postponed to haywire

To avoid the Paris Photography Exhibition: Photography Biennale Paris photography month postponed to next year from Montparnasse tower (Maine-Montparnasse tower) aerial view of Paris at night. Picture: Paris photography photography Biennale of Behn LIEU SONG and Courtesy Wikimedia Commons is scheduled to be held on November 2016 (Paris Photo Month) recently announced that it will be postponed to April 2017 held. According to Newspaper news (Art) reported that this time is intended to avoid the formation of the Paris International Photography Exhibition (Paris Photo) with the recent international competition. Since the beginning of November 1980, Paris photography month will not only make Paris into the center of photography, but also contributed to the establishment of the Paris photography exhibition in 1997. In view of the similarities between the two, Paris photography month hope that their own exhibitions and activities organized by the audience for a wider audience, at this point and focus on the development of the industry in Paris photography exhibition. This decision also rescheduled and Paris photography month in Francois’s 2017 new director · hobor (Fran? OIS Hé BEL) rebranding under the leadership of the relationship. Hebel previously served as the Arles International Photography Festival (Les Rencontres D Arles ") is the director of Bologna industrial photography Biennale (Foto Industria Biennale in Bologna) founder, the theme will be held under his leadership as" Greater Paris "of the new month of photography biennale. Compared to the year November, the number of visitors on April each year there will be more uncertainty, photography monthly plan multiple space respectively in Paris city and the surrounding in the exhibition of photographic works, so that visitors with different locations and updating the concept of development experience. The dispersion of the site will also attract a wider audience, in the dissemination of the cultural content of the month of photography, but also with the surrounding areas of Paris to establish a new cultural link. Text: Audrey Gascho translation: Wenjia Sheng相关的主题文章:

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