Tom Ford Sunglasses 2010

Fashion-Style Tom Ford has a long history in the fashion industry having worked within some of the most successful fashion houses in the world such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. However, since making the decision to go it alone in 2004 when he started his own fashion label, he has gone from strength to strength. Tom Ford Sunglasses became one of the world’s most successful sunglass ranges in 2009 with an over whelming demand for his innovative, chic designs. Celebrities started being seen wearing them on a daily basis because of the craftsmanship and exclusive contemporary styling that was on offer. Tom Ford sunglasses have been around for a few years however they have only really .e into the limelight within the last two or three years. The female collections offer a sophisticated, glamorous look with outstanding quality manufacturing for great .fort. The male collections offer highly stylish contemporary sunglasses with the same quality that are great for every occasion. All Tom Ford sunglasses have a name for example, the Tom Ford Charles (TF035), for men and the Tom Ford Whitney (FT0009) for women. Both of these models have proved themselves to be some of the best sellers, with their classic, instantly recognisable shapes, and are both available in some amazing colours. Tom Fords iconic gold T on his sunglasses is a subtle logo that speaks class and elegance. Many of the models also feature the trademark ‘cross bridge’ and anyone that knows anything in the fashion world will know the branding on Tom Ford frames! For 2010, the Tom Ford spring/summer collection brings you those much loved favourites such as the Jennifer, Whitney, Lilliana and Miranda. There are some new designs too that are inventive and fresh, such as the Peter, Claude and Martine. Even the classic Ace design has been given a makeover to give these ‘wraparounds’ a subtle retro look and feel. Tom Ford sunglasses have and continue to cement themselves as timeless design pieces. Exuding style and quality, these sunglasses are constructed from the finest materials and help the wearer, really make a statement without having to shout about it. It is perhaps little wonder then that Tom Ford sunglasses are one of the top sunglass brands. A whole host of celebrities have been seen sporting Tom Ford sunglasses. These include top names such as, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Coleen Rooney, Cheryl Cole, and Lily Allen to name but a few. Tom Ford sunglasses are certainly in high demand! The new 2010 Tom Ford sunglasses range can be found at Sunglasses-Direct, right now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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