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True leader! Paul series for the first big heart! The key moment not hesitate – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 12th, in today’s NBA regular season, the Clippers on the road to a 110-108 victory over the thunder, revenge. The game, Paul scored 17 points and 10 assists in the beautiful data of 6 rebounds. Paul performed his usual style of play, to oneself not blindly attack, but well connected in series to the offensive team, attack and create opportunities for his teammates, but after the opening of the Clippers feel not good. Paul’s own CIC also failed to hit, although after steals and assists Reddick hit three points, but the Clippers continued, Paul still offensive oladipo was shot in the head, although the last paragraph of the first section has three hits, but the Clippers at a disadvantage. Critical moment, Paul showed his ability, although his hand was still in general, but he still assists to help the team, first assists Jordan layup, and later assists Reddick with three points scored, the Clippers counter ultra score. When the thunder chasing points, Paul recovered the touch, first jumper line, then put into three points with five points, the Clippers maintained the lead. The fourth day the last moment, the thunder cut Jordan resorted to tactical chase points, Paul Westbrook was a foul, the thunder will be sent to only two points, but Paul immediately dropped into three points, the Clippers re stabilize the situation. The thunder three consecutive points tied the score, and Paul was sent a second pass, assists Jordan dunk and assists Crawford three shots, get back to the front. Although the last 14 seconds of Paul to Boston, the thunder last chance, but fortunately not victory. (A Ke)相关的主题文章:

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