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Turkey will extend the state of emergency   prison overcrowding early release prisoners — people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Turkey will extend the state of emergency in advance of prison overcrowding inmates El Erdogan of Turkey’s National Security Council said on 28, since the July coup for a period of 3 months a state of emergency is about to expire, the authorities will continue to extend this a state of emergency. [Turkey] to extend the state of emergency President Recep Tayyip Erdogan?? El in the capital Ankara 28 presidential meeting. After the meeting, the National Security Council said that the current state of emergency will be extended after the expiration of October. Turkey attempted military coup occurred in July 15th, the same month El Erdogan announced the implementation of 20 3 month state of emergency, the next parliament approved by the relevant state of emergency motion. Mr Erdogan said before, the government announced that in accordance with the provisions of the constitution imposed a state of emergency, "in order to quickly and effectively deal with the harm of democracy, the rule of law and civil rights and liberty". This month, the National Security Council reiterated the purpose of this 28, but did not specify the specific extension of the state of emergency. However, some opposition parties questioned the implementation of the state of emergency. For example, the Republican people’s party chairman Kemal? Keleqidaer Davutoglu criticized the 28 state of emergency, the measures that affected the normal life of too many people. According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Numan? Kurtulmus statement, a state of emergency to fight the Turkey religious figure Fetterhu? Parallel organization led by "Ju lun". Gulen now lives in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, is regarded as the mastermind of the coup attempt. Turkey Minister of justice Boz said the Kiel Bay? Turkey has asked the United States to arrest Guellen; the United States considered the extradition request is Guellen earthwork, is expected to make a reply within the next one or two days. Turkey in 1987 to the southeast region to implement a state of emergency to combat Kurdish rebels, including the curfew, restrictions on assembly, etc.. Relevant measures were not lifted until 2002. [Turkey] prison overcrowding justice minister Bozhidar told NTV television reporter, since a failed coup in July, the Turkey authorities have investigated about 70 thousand suspects, 32 thousand of whom were detained. Bozhidar said that in the future may also arrest more suspects, but he did not disclose the related cases when the trial begins. Some observers said that due to the large number of people involved, Turkey will launch the largest ever legal proceedings, is expected to bring great pressure on the judiciary. Bozhidar, the trial will start in the city, but not in a certain place, is expected in the city will set up specialized agencies in. "It is not entirely clear how the proceedings will begin," he admitted. According to Boz estimates, islampur has enough trial facilities and conditions, while Ankara needed new facilities. At present, the Turkey authorities have started building a facility in sincan outside Ankara. According to Agence France-Presse, Turkey has released about 38 thousand prisoners, to alleviate overcrowding. Turkey media reports, now相关的主题文章:

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