Two drug addicts rail fled across the country — Hubei — steal channel

Two "drug addicts" rail   fled across the country — Hubei — steal channel original title: two "drug addicts" rail fled across the country to steal the newspaper news (reporter Lin Huijie correspondent Gong Yuping Yang Bing) the two boys riding high Tieqian long-distance, from Shandong to Wuhan to steal, did not think of crime in Hanyang when he was captured by the police. Yesterday, two people have been arrested. In the early morning of September 20th, 3 households in a residential area of parrot street in Hanyang district were found to be burglary, and the residents lost more than 5000 yuan worth of mobile phones and cash. Hanyang District Public Security Bureau set up a class to solve the case, the police retrieved the video monitoring within the District, two young men, tall and slim, succeeded after the theft of two people over the wall to escape. The incident was early morning, dimly lit, video tracking into trouble. In order to track down the suspects as soon as possible, the police expand the scope, access to the surrounding more than 100 video surveillance probe, after two consecutive days of analysis and comparison, and finally found traces of two suspects, mastered their foothold in the HanKou Railway Station near the inn. The early morning of September 23rd, more than 30 police in HanKou Railway Station near the 3 Ring Hotel surveillance roundup. Eventually, two suspects were arrested at the 3 floor of one of the unnamed hotels. Two per capita is Sichuan people, the police retrieved their footprint found that with the "8.13" Shandong Yantai, "9.20" Hanyang oilfield area, "9.22" Jiangxia CSR garden area series of burglaries left traces of the scene. Two suspects confessed that they fled the country crime, crime of burglary in Shandong of Yantai in mid August 4, take the high-speed rail to Wuhan, Hanyang, Jiangxia and other 7 cases of crime. Every stolen money is used to take drugs. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 两“瘾君子”乘高铁 流窜全国各地行窃–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:两“瘾君子”乘高铁 流窜全国各地行窃   本报讯(记者林慧婕 通讯员龚宇萍 杨冰)两个小伙子乘坐高铁千里奔袭,从山东到武汉来盗窃,没想到在汉阳作案时就被警方擒获。昨悉,两人已被刑拘。   9月20日凌晨,汉阳区鹦鹉街一小区3户居民家遭到入室盗窃,居民损失手机、现金共计价值5000余元。汉阳区公安分局成立专班侦破此案,民警调取小区内部监控,视频中两名年轻男子,身材偏瘦,盗窃得手后,两人翻墙逃跑。   案发时是凌晨,光线昏暗,视频追踪陷入困境。为了尽早追查到嫌疑人,民警扩大范围,调取了周边100多个视频监控探头,经过连续两天的分析比对,最终发现了两名嫌疑人的踪迹,掌握了他们在汉口火车站附近小旅馆的落脚点。9月23日凌晨,30余名民警对汉口火车站附近3个无名旅馆进行布控围捕。最终,在其中一无名旅馆3楼将两名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。   两人均是四川人,民警调取其足迹发现,与“8.13”山东烟台、“9.20”汉阳油田小区、“9.22”江夏南车花园小区系列入室盗窃案件现场遗留足迹一致。两名犯罪嫌疑人交代,他们流窜全国各地作案,8月中旬在山东烟台入室盗窃作案4起后,乘坐高铁到武汉汉阳、江夏等地作案7起。每次偷盗的钱都用来吸食毒品。 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章:

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