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Vitel for the team tactical defense: not the original plan at Ferrari’s belated effort runner up Vitel sina sports F1 Japanese Grand Prix race after the Ferrari driver Vitel defended the team’s tactics, he said the team called the timing and decided to stop he is right, he is also involved in determining stop decision. In the final stages of the Japanese Grand Prix, Vitel has been in third place. Hamilton rate of advanced stations, to complete the two stop, Ferrari immediately also called Vitel stop. However, after the completion of the stop, Hamilton pulled out the time difference to complete the transcendence of Vitel. Although Vitel used a more flexible tire, but Hamilton successfully resisted the pressure of the excess of Vitel. "It’s easy to analyze and say what we should do at the moment, but at that moment I thought it was the right decision," Vitel said. It is believed that Ferrari’s call for Vitel to stop at the time was wrong. Vitel’s tactics were in sharp contrast to Raikkonen, who was the last to stop eight laps earlier than the other, and used the hard tyres for the last time in minutes. And take advantage of the time difference between the formation of the pit beyond Ricardo. "When I made the decision together with the team," Vitel said in the interpretation of the team recalled its radio station stop when "now to become experts and critics very easy, but in that we try to, we think it is necessary to try the second impact". Vitel was out of the station of the traffic, he several times by radio to the team complain that there is no blue flag, but Vitel also denied that he is the cause behind Hamilton. "I don’t think there are lapped cars had an impact on the results, Vitel said, of course, my time is not lucky. I think I suffered because of slow, at least in the battle with Hamilton lost 4 seconds. But look at the final gap, this 4 seconds really nothing. Sometimes this is life. The important thing is that there are a lot of positive enemies, "Vitel said. Fourth means that Vitel is the first time in nearly eight years did not stand on the podium at Suzuka, he slipped to the championship in sixth place, has been tied Vista Pam integral. (Koala)相关的主题文章:

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