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Arts-and-Entertainment The Magic of Making Up One minute you’re lovy dovy, teasing, laughing and giggling and all is right. Then a few minutes later, you begin yelling and berating each other and a lover’s quarrel is already in progress. Arguments can cause unnecessary tension. Every now and then, no matter how close and intimate a couple is, an argument occasionally looms to create a tide in the relationship. Although sometimes it shakes a relationship down to its very core, if handled well, it is healthy and can help create lasting relationships. What is the cause of most arguments amongst couples? Just Because You Are Two Different People When you first met naturally you were attracted to the things you had in .mon, that’s what happens to us humans, we are drawn to ourselves. However, as your relationship grows and you be.e closer, it’s inevitable that you will begin to see how you are different. It is important that you value the differences that make you unique as a couple. Sometimes we are tempted to change are partners to our view of perfect. Don’t do it! Learn to respect your partners uniqueness. Learn to .promise. Changing a person to be as you want them will only led to lack of respect for them in the long run. All people are like flowers, all different, appreciate the differences. Couples are like a hand with individual fingers. Each finger has its uniqueness but as a hand or a fist they are very powerful. Keeping this in mind will keep you a strong couple. Just Because You Expect A reoccurring dispute is like a bad tooth. You have to find out which tooth is causing the problem .Often times this will happen when you were looking for more than you are getting. When expectations are not met, a spat usually ushers in. Best way to handle this is to voice your expectations from the very start of the relationship. Determine which expectations are most important to you and which are most important to your partner. Discuss what you both want and need from the relationship and what you must have and won’t tolerate from each other. However keep in mind love and relationships is all about giving, as well as, taking. Just Because You Are Always Right No one wants to give in an argument when they think they are right. However, you have to remember what is really important in your relationship. Here is that word again, .promise, you can be right without insisting that your partner admit aloud that you are right it is never good to assert too much if it means you could hurt your partner. Let go of having to "be right!" If you must speak up, do it lovingly. Never tell your partner that he is wrong very blatantly. Instead of having to be right, decide that it is more important to be happy. Discuss lovingly areas of mutual concern then agree on certain terms so that you prevent yourselves from with future disagreements. Just Because Money Matters In the beginning of your relationship, money may not be much of an issue. As the relationship grows, power struggles and control issues around money may just start surfacing. This creates a festering sore that if not taken care of, can cause serious, serious problems in your relationship. Where critical differences exist in your financial expectations, try to negotiate. Work out a way of managing your finances that gives you both some control. In any case, if one is earning more than the other, he/she shouldn’t hold all the control because even if the other is contributing less in the financial aspect, that does not mean they are giving any less in other areas of the relationship. Over all of this, if there are still issues, sit and talk things over.Discussion and cooperation may notconfer instant solutions to difficult financial issues, but knowing you and your partner agree about how to approach the situation will help maintain the zing in your relationship. Just Because You Are Jealous Although jealousy is natural, the feeling of jealousy is not bad by itself. The feelings of jealousy often .e from your inferior thoughts. Sometimes its your lack of trust of your partner. You must first understand the real cause of your feelings. Learn to act by reason not by your emotions. Your jealousy is just products of your own mental-emotional patterns that only exist in your head. Discuss your feelings to your partner so that you can discuss things and he can help you deal with your jealousy. As a partner, always, assure your mate of your devotion and reassure them of their worth as your lover and partner. Give them more attention if that is what they need. Just Because there is Magic in Making Up Sometimes arguments make a relationship difficult and can even be hurtful and frustrating. And yet, they are a normal natural aspect of any relationship. Arguments add to the lives of couples and help build better relationships. On the other hand, if disputes are handled poorly, they can also potentially wreck a strong relationship. Truly, there is a Magic in Making Up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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