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We should celebrate what kind of feelings? Gansu Channel – people.com.cn original title: what kind of feelings we celebrate? Today, People’s Republic of China ushered in the 67 anniversary of the birth. Tiananmen square, the five-star red flag reflects the first ray of dawn rising, "bless the motherland" the giant flower like a beautiful and charming girl, welcoming guests from all sides. But at the moment, many people took advantage of the vacation, long been flying all over the country, or to chase the sun on the beach, or to enjoy the most relaxing way to places of historic interest and scenic beauty, enjoy the "golden week once a year". Promotion of major shopping malls and electrical shops next to the advertisement for the solemn festival adds more joy means. In the past 67 years, great changes have taken place in the earth and the earth shaking changes have taken place in china. From the national comprehensive strength to people’s basic necessities of life, the whole world is looking forward to the Chinese National Day golden week. Tourism, shopping, of course, is an important way for people to celebrate the National Day Chinese, both leisure and tourism, and easy shopping. But despite these in the shape of holiday, internalized in the heart, we in the end to what kind of feelings about the national day, the National Day celebrations? See the flag fluttering in the wind, whether your thoughts will float back to the era of the smoke? Countless martyrs in faith, with the domestic trouble and foreign invasion did not forget the early heart, with a bloody battle for national independence and people’s liberation. Xiaminghan was traitor arrested in prison wrote beheading does not matter, as long as the true doctrine ", the heroic martyrdom resolutely refused the imperishable noble spirit; Fang Zhimin capitulate, the practice of" hard struggle to the death to death, "the oath; only 19 year old Dong Cunrui used his body as support, pull the trigger, use life through the" Liberation Road "; the Red Army had climbed snow grass, hardships and dangers, with a strong determination to break through the enemy’s siege, it kept the China revolution" fire"…… Some memories have been old, some images have been blurred, but history can not be forgotten, the heart can not forget. Today, we have entered a new stage of the Chinese dream to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. By 2020, our country will build a well-off society in an all-round way. In the new period of socialist construction, more need to be mindful of the revolutionary martyrs and heroic spirit of patriotism. Once a year and the National Day, it is our gratitude for the revolutionary martyrs, learn from the history of nutrition, the best time to carry forward the patriotic spirit. President Mao Zedong’s teacher, Xu Teli, once said that people should not only have the right to love their country, but also to be patriotic. Although the founding of new China has been 67 years, the Chinese nation has a splendid history of 5000 years. In concentrated wisdom The Four Books and the Five Classics ancient sages of the Dunhuang desert, deep in the Chinese civilization, the fruits of the Yangtze River in the Yellow River has nurtured the inexhaustible the Great Wall tree up all the children of the Yellow Emperor, the Chinese nation standing spirit of the monument. National Day, celebrated not only is the establishment of new Chinese, is a continuation of the review of five thousand years of Chinese civilization and prosperity. Patriotic slogans, should not be empty, but to be on the 67 anniversary of the founding of new China of the great motherland, with 5000 years of civilization of pure love in mind).相关的主题文章:

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