What should I do to save you from the receding hairline rainism

What should I do to save you from the receding hairline? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Big power to participate in the "real man" when the conference call good-looking! Shirt and jeans into a mermaid Meng ~ ~ so beautiful really good? However, when I see such a girl power and so she ~ ~ really worried about her hair after the hairline! The most serious time soon into a grand forehead while her previous hairline is high, but still in line with the three division ratio can be a bit difficult to comply with the proportion now ~ and we have unfortunately caught Ya freaky days I want to die the celestial beauty ah!!! Christine Fan hairline from m abruptly Xie became a big M! Is not very obvious? So now Christine Fan attended the event, basically this kind of block hairline hair: it is wise. The selfie is basically a hat down and Christine Fan bestie, s, gave birth to three children, now the hairline is basically in the state can not see. Hairline normal when it is really very beautiful temperament ah! To attend the event and shoot the basic advertising to cover the ugly"…… Otherwise, it is very distressed even Guo Jizhang has trouble with the same paragraph ~ to give birth to such a lovely doll, as the mother of Guo Jizhang is also a lot of sacrifice! Girls become aunt, perhaps this is the time of the three months of the pit is the director of the goddess Vivian Hsu hairline also moved! (crazy!!) My goddess hairline! What melody…… So, now the director is more worried about Tang Yan, she is now more powerful than the original power line high, ah, and born so…… This is my self, the skin white and beautiful. In addition to the Tang Yan Victoria Song baby baby, we also belong to the high hairline crowd down rolling Dan heart ah!! Okay! In order to grasp the real situation, the director went to Baidu. Postpartum hair loss is a very common phenomenon!! Unmarried girls and pregnant wives who do not have to pay special attention to! Postpartum hair loss is mainly caused by the following reasons: hormone changes: female hormones during pregnancy increased, so the amount of pregnancy is likely to reach the peak of life. But once the baby born, lower estrogen levels, will cause a lot of hair loss. The mental pressure: postpartum mothers are vulnerable to pressure from various aspects, such as work, marital harmony (you know), the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (encountered evil mother-in-law is the lifetime of the angel wings), child rearing and so on, it is easy to cause hair loss. Lack of sleep: due to the need to breastfeed at night, coax the children together with the pressure of all parties, mothers are very easy to sleep less. The nutritional deficiencies: many mothers in order to keep sake, plus the lactation period required for higher trophic levels, mothers are vulnerable to malnutrition. Said so much, the director just want to sigh under the great maternal love ~ did not give birth to the beauty of the baby from now on to maintain their hair line (with the use of traditional Chinese medicine)!!! Then give birth to baby, hair line after moving and"相关的主题文章:

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