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When ready to meet the sperm survival rate is low, how to do? Sohu maternal and child sperm is essential for male fertility. Sperm survival rate refers to the proportion of live sperm in a drop of semen, which has a direct impact on fertility. However, many friends are not too clear about the standard of sperm survival rate, there is no clear concept of the standard of pregnancy needs. The sperm survival rate of how much can be pregnant? How many sperm survival rate can be pregnant? Sperm survival rate is the key to female pregnancy, so many male friends in the examination of sperm survival rate are very tense. Whether it is the number of sperm, sperm survival rate, sperm motility, sperm quality, and so on, which appears abnormal, affect the formation of fertilized eggs. To achieve the requirements of pregnancy, the number of sperm to reach 20 million per milliliter. Sperm activity reached more than 70%, of which more than 25% of grade a sperm. Semen liquefaction time less than 30 minutes. To take place in an abnormal can cause male infertility. The physiological data of normal sperm, the normal value should generally for the following data: the semen volume is generally 2 ~ 6 ml, normal semen liquefaction time in 20 minutes to complete liquefaction, semen pH should be 7.2 ~ 7.8, and the sperm amount needed to reach 20 million to 200 million ml, the sperm activity need to meet before motile sperm quantitative, first hours of not less than 60%, 2 to 3 hours of not less than 50%, how many normal sperm survival rate, average death rate was less than 50% sperm is more likely to conceive. What are the reasons for the low survival rate of sperm? 1, infection: acute and chronic inflammation of epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle and prostate gland or genital genital tract can reduce sperm motility. The influence of infection on sperm motility can be various. 2, abnormal semen liquefaction: semen liquefaction or high viscosity is one of the causes of male infertility, one of the most important factors may be affected by the ability of sperm movement and lead to infertility. Sperm semen liquefaction can be seen in fibrin and elongated between reticulum make sperm activity space is reduced, the sperm contain, also see crude fiber were many thin fibers connected into a network, these may be the mechanical restriction of sperm forward motility reason. 3, immune factors: anti sperm antibody (AsAb) can affect the fertilization of sperm from several different ways. The effect of sperm activity and sperm tail may be AsAb with sperm motility hindered, decreased exercise capacity, penetrating ability is poor, it has passed for sperm tail anti sperm antibody, ability of cervical mucus penetration decreased significantly and confirmed. 4, endocrine factors: endocrine hormones in addition to spermatogenesis and maturation of the role, but also affect sperm movement. Sperm survival rate is low, the 1 note on vaccination, to develop good personal hygiene habits: to prevent the harm of male fertility of infectious diseases, such as mumps, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.. 2, alcohol. Alcohol has a direct effect on the testes of men, and the clinical investigation shows that.相关的主题文章:

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