Who dares to say that Yang Mi and Tang Yan are different All the clothes and shoes are sisters!-invictus gaming

Who dares to say that Yang Mi and Tang Yan are different? All the clothes and shoes are sisters! Entertainment circles have been saying that Yang Mi how how different, in fact, other people really do not need other people say, look at their clothes on the know, it is clear that the sun in the friendship between the! Remember Yang Mi wore this stripe long sleeve shirt, shorts collocation show legs, perfect! Over the past two days, Tang Yan also put on a striped shirt, with the star bust skirt, very fresh fashion fan! But even the shoes to wear clothes with a pair of ballet shoes, Yang Michuan a fringed denim jacket and white shorts, casual fashion, Tang Yan used the shoes black sweater and skirt collocation, is in line with her usual style, all black! When it comes to black, Tang Yanzhen wears a lot of clothes, but have you seen Yang Mi? No, But recently Yang Mi began this dress, wearing a black Strapless coat hanging edge black pants, foot Doug shoes, very fashionable taste! It was autumn, Tang Yan wearing a white sweater a black skirt, fashionable dress, but also with long legs, super suction eye microphone pattern sweater. The cowboy shirt dress is also very good autumn single product, both stylish and small exposed legs to highlight their own advantages, a pair of white shoes and casual but! Of course, essential jeans strap, the most common collocation T-shirt can wear stylish range of children. Yang Mi also started to wear long sleeved striped shirt collocation, denim shorts, a pair of foot loafer, very casual leisure! Blue Strapless shirt collocation edge denim shorts, with chain bag, on a pair of white shoes, with long legs, perfect!相关的主题文章:

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