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The reason why the Buddhist temple is reduced to the tourist area and the place of the folk belief is the lack of religious education in essence Plain, with Buddhism as an example, its core lies in pursuing the life teachings circulation, don’t think every life is accidental, or death after breaking out of nothingness, but in a different form of life cycle. So the doctrine is ultimately to gain wisdom from the life cycle of relief, oliver. Because Buddhism so stressed the importance of wisdom, so will emphasize not people according to law "," law "is the fundamental belief, so education is the core of Buddhism concern. But due to various historical factors, now few people know that the teachings of Buddhism is complicated, only has a rooftop, and only the number of Huayan sect scriptures, although an immense number of books but lack deep research and practice; to direct the degree, the more Zen straight and lively, but now look around most of the flood, is the pet phrase and chicken soup. If omitted for review of contemporary China belief situation, can understand, between urban and rural areas have covered TuDeMiao, Guan Gong temple and Town God’s Temple already destroyed in the Cultural Revolution catastrophe, no longer remains. The thirty years of faith resurgence, folk temples have rebuilt, but due to policy restrictions, the folk belief is still difficult to assert its legal status, only to the underground way in operation. The temple and other orthodox religion due to the 80s religious policy in thirty years and bring order out of chaos, many people have faith restored, if life needs, is to rely on the Buddhist temple and Taoist temple. Thus, whether or not a Buddhist, once more towards the blessing, Buddhist and Taoist temples. Ask, or there is no faith only for fame and fortune, or is the hybrid and all kinds of weird things, rather than to the Buddhist school. Of course, this belief mixed and ambiguous, not only is today phenomenon, but Confucianism three a long time in China to the co-existence of the religious culture. Therefore, today’s Buddhist temple, carrying various beliefs and needs, some become the folk belief of Buddhism, as it is actually ambiguous ones, is often caused by bystander inwit, it only as a modern human greed driven by superstition. Such as grab the first incense, "burn incense" such absurd final is still to be blamed by buddhism. Of course, often there is a Buddhist temple in order to attract capital with the support, keep quiet about this kind of chaos, so year by the month, the common cause of this letter to Ming, superstitious belief publicity chaos. Of course, to distinguish between folk beliefs and Buddhist beliefs, is not deliberately stressed out, but pointed out that today, burn incense and pray for madness, although expressed today in a violent and helpless faith impulse, but it can not represent the real content of religion. To make this belief turn into true belief practice, can only return to the education itself. In the Buddhist community in Taiwan as an example, after decades of education Philip, to spread the true teachings to the public, the general public, even non Buddhists also probably understand the similarities and differences of Buddhism and other religions, each other can also in a multi faith pattern coexist here. As such the Buddhist Dharma Drum Mountain road.相关的主题文章:

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