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Why do people keep cobras in Nanjing? The reporter visited Beijing Normal snake base – counter culture has several walls and gates, to prevent accidents. Recently, Nanjing Liuhe xongzhou illegal farms Cobra escaped thing aroused public concern. Many people wonder: why would anyone in the Nanjing area cobra? What are the uses of these glasses? The snake and how the snake? With these doubts the reporter visited the Jiangning area of a regular base snake. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Jiao Zhewen photo 124 hours and the snake together "snake" the snake base is located in Jiangning of Jiangsu was moling, snakes breeding demonstration area. Ms. Chen, who is more than and 40 years old this year, she rented a place of about 3000 square meters to do the experimental breeding farm in. When she had raised more than 1 thousand snake, snake, snake, and snake Dinodon rufozonatum, China saxatilis Pallas and Cobra have been raised. Ms. Chen and her husband to farms for 24 hours, and the snake together, she jokingly referred to himself as "snake woman". She was very afraid of snakes, but years ago, a snake wine bubble to cure her friend Jiuzhibuyu rheumatism, suddenly let Ms. Chen became interested in snakes. Originally do wholesale clothing business she decided to change, has made a special trip to Shandong to study a snake farms. In the vicinity of farms and 100 acres of wetlands, as mealworms, frogs and toads breeding base, food source solves the problem of the snake. Ms. Chen couples live and eat in the farm. Get up at 5 o’clock every morning to feed the snake, from time to time to clean up the room for them, to help them tableware disinfection, generally 12 to sleep at night. The 2 farm "heavily-guarded", comparable to the prison Ms. Chen said, snake farms generally built in the high altitude and dry, smooth, good drainage performance place. Should not be built on the top of the mountain and mountain, more should not be built in low-lying and damp places are perennial. Because the site to open air circulation, fresh. If the air is dirty, ranging from snake farm productivity, while the incidence of death leading to a snake. In the breeding base, the reporter noted that the two main areas: one is non poisonous snakes breeding area, using the method of temporary breeding breeding, simulated Wild Open breeding, let the snake free growth. In the yard with a red brick to build a "snake", and then planted trees and grass. In general, a couple of snakes come here for a few months and sell it in the fall." Ms. Chen said, temporarily raised area protection measures is very important, they have three protective measures, including doors, walls etc.. The purpose is to prevent snakes from escaping. Reporters on the scene saw: in addition to the two story tall walls allow the snake to climb outside the farm every sewer mouth are equipped with a very small gap between the wire mesh, so the snake cannot escape. Another area is the Snake breeding area, which is the most protected area of the entire base. In the open two gates, reporters followed Ms. Chen into a cottage in the room, there is a layer of thick sandwich structures installed inside the chamber, air conditioning and heating. Ms. Chen introduced, such as Cobra viper.相关的主题文章:

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