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Woman after stroke cripple taxi brother didn’t charge thoughtful left the day before yesterday, who lives in Shaoxing city lomen community Wang to the evening news hotline 88880000 call, he wants to pass the evening to find a kind of brother and thank you. Mr. Wang’s home in the Solomon Village area, he told reporters, have kind of brother is walking his wife. "More than 10 points in September 23rd morning, she came back from the outside, he told me that she is playing back, when I found a wallet to pay money, let the driver to wait outside, he came in the money." Mr. Wang said that he heard, quickly went out to his wife to get off the place, but found that the taxi has gone. "She went to Xiaoshan street to buy things, because after stroke legs inconvenient, the family has asked her not to go alone to buy, her heart is more urgent, when to take the money, buy something in part, may also lose some, I do not know how, back when found purse money." Mr. Wang said. Later, his wife told Mr. Wang, get off, the kind of driver to help her open the door, help her get off, but also to help her take the crutches down. "Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember the license plate number. I just remember a driver, about 40 years old." The two day Mr jiguazhao the heart has been not paid the fare. "My wife is from the bridge on the train, arrived at the Solomon village, about 10 yuan fare, though not much, but this is the kind of driver’s labor income, and payable to him." Mr. Wang wants to find the driver through the evening paper, in addition to express gratitude, but also want to pay him to fight.相关的主题文章:

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